Build Your Own Civilizations With Humankind; New Sega Game Debuts At Gamescom

Build Your Own Civilizations With Humankind; New Sega Game Debuts At Gamescom
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Humankind, a new civilization-building game from Sega, debuted at Gamescom and it looks promising.

Amplitude Studios described Humankind as a historical game where you get to rewrite the history of civilizations. You can create entirely new civilizations based on the history, culture, behavior, and values that reflect who you are.

The turn-based strategy game will enable you to merge and blend civilizations that actually form part of humankind’s history. There are 60 cultures you can choose from that dates back to the Neolithic Age.

For those who are not familiar with the term, the Neolithic Age is also known as the Stone Age. It’s when humans began taking roots, cultivating the land, and domesticating animals.

You can then move to the Bronze Age, which lasted from 3000 BC-1200 BC, and the Iron Age (1200–230 BCE). You can also build starting with Ancient Egypt, perhaps one of the most recognizable civilizations.

There are other cultures, as well, such as Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient India, and the Middle Ages. You can even move to Asia to China or the Khmers. Whatever you choose and combine will have a different outcome.

Although you will recognize famous figures and civilizations have a historical basis, this is ultimately your own journey. You can create scientific breakthroughs that will have long-term effects on the future of humankind.

But it’s not all fun and games. Your civilization will also be threatened by wars and other despots, kings, or emperors who want to destroy your creation. You need to build armies and fortify your defenses so your civilization will survive. In fact, the design of your walls will be crucial to its survival.

The way Humankind will play out will depend on your choices. You can become a conqueror and subdue other empires to build your name. Or you can choose to lead a life in pursuit of knowledge and science. In both choices, you can leave your legacy in the world, and your name will be remembered for eternity.

Here’s the trailer for Humankind that debuted on Gamescom. There’s no release date yet for the game, but it’s expected to arrive on Microsoft Windows in 2020.

Amplitude Studios CEO Romain de Waubert said that Humankind is the culmination of the whole company’s efforts. Before this, the developer also released Endless Space in 2012 and Endless Space 2 in 2017. The studio was acquired by Sega in June of 2016.