Anno 1800 Is The Fastest Selling Title Of The City-Building Franchise To Date

Anno 1800 Is The Fastest Selling Title Of The City-Building Franchise To Date
Credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft released a new installment to its big hit real-time strategy, city building game franchise, Anno, earlier this month. And the video game company announced that this latest installment, Anno 1800, is the fastest selling title of the series.

Anno 1800 already sold more than four times the amount of copies compared to its previous title, Anno 2205. And that was just only during the first week since it was launched for PC on April 16th worldwide.

There’s no denying that the latest title is better than its predecessor. Judging by the number of sales, it seemed like a lot of players were really eager to try it out. The company didn’t reveal the exact number of players in Anno 1800, but they did share some fascinating statistics.

Since the game was launched, players haven’t ceased on trying to build their own empire. With the game’s latest figures, players have already brought nearly 7 billion settlers on their islands. That’s three times higher than the population all over the world in 1899.

In addition to that, players have already constructed more than 10 million ships and more than 1 billion grain fields. That’s not all, beyond 3 million islands in the game have already been occupied by the settlers.

The success of the game is all thanks to the support and help of its community. They were invited to take part in the game’s development for over a year and a half. The players provided their feedback through the Anno Union. And through all those useful feedback, the studio got to shape the game into something that the community loves.

With this grand collaboration between the community and the studio, over 160 blogs have already been written. There are also a total of 15,000 comments posted as well as five community contests arranged.

After this success, the developers are now working on providing the community with the best post-launch content for Anno 1800.
Anno 1800 is only available for Microsoft Windows through the Epic Store and Ubisoft’s own Uplay launcher. It’s a real-time strategy city-building game set in the 19th century – the period of discovery, diplomacy, and industrialization.

Here, players get the chance to create and rule over their own settlement and go into expeditions across the globe. Players also have the power to dominate their opponents through trade, diplomacy or warfare. There’s a story-based campaign, as well as the classic multiplayer experience. And it even brings back some of the favorite features in the previous Anno titles.