The Next Apex Legends Collection Event Will Offer You Heirloom Shards If You Buy All The Items

The Next Apex Legends Collection Event Will Offer You Heirloom Shards If You Buy All The Items
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

Season 8 of Apex Legends will be the two year anniversary of Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale and will feature a Collection Event with a twist. Rather than get your hands on a legend-specific Heirloom, the collection event will reward those who buy all the items with 150 Heirloom shards instead.

This means you will be able to pick the Heirloom you want from any of the already available unique melee items, such as Wraith’s Kunai, Octane’s Butterfly knife, or Caustic’s hammer.

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This information comes from the respected Apex Legends data miner, @shrugtal. He often posts information on upcoming skins and events while speculating and theorizing on what’s next for Apex Legends.

Because it’s the anniversary season, it was clear that Respawn was going to try and do something a little differently. Alongside the new style of Collection Event, all the featured skins will be recolors of the last two year’s worth of Battle Pass skins.

This means there’ll be a recolor for Lifeline’s From The Ashes skin (you know, the one where she has horns), or the first-ever Battle Pass exclusive weapon, the 110 reactive Havoc skin.

This does mean there isn’t likely to be any new skins for the more recent legends, such as Loba or Horizon, or the new weapon, the Volt. All the skins will be recolors of skins we’ve already seen before.

However, it’s not clear whether they are actually recolors (ones that you can purchase with your red tokens) or the types of recolors you will need to purchase with Apex Coins all over again. Think of the Phasewalker skin for Wraith – you needed to purchase the recolor with money, not red tokens.

If this is the case, and you’ll need to purchase the recolors to be able to get the Heirloom shards, I can see there being some pretty big discontent in the community. People were already frustrated that they had to purchase recolors of Bloodhound’s and Wraith’s unique skins.

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Season 8 should start in early February to coincide with the launch of Apex Legends on February 4th, 2019. Two years ago! Time for a nostalgic look back through those skins? Check out shrugtal’s Twitter for some more info.

In other Apex Legends news, the next Twitch Prime skin is the “Queen of Hearts” skin for Wraith and it will be available from January 14th.