The Iceborn Beta For Monster Hunter: World Is Available For Free Over The Weekend For PS4 And Xbox One Users

The Iceborn Beta For Monster Hunter: World Is Available For Free Over The Weekend For PS4 And Xbox One Users
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Monster Hunter: World has been such a successful game. It elevated this storied series like never before when it first came out in 2018. The open-world design is downright insane and there are so many compelling monsters to take down in this latest installment. We’re now approaching the expansion pack, Iceborn. It officially releases on September 6.

That’s just a week away, and to build hype leading up to the release, Capcom is bringing back the beta for PS4 and Xbox One users. So if you missed the beta the first time around, now’s your chance to experience all of this icy action. Iceborn is a massive update that’s almost a full-fledged Monster Hunter game in a sense.

You’ll have an incredible set of new monsters to defeat. We’ve seen a couple of trailers of them, and by all accounts, they look spectacular. That’s always been an amazing thing about these games. The monsters are so varied and possess a unique set of attributes that you’ll have to figure out to come out on top. No two monsters are the same. Some are extremely difficult to defeat as well. A planned out strategy that yields results is so rewarding to experience.

You’ll also have new weapons to master, 14 to be exact. They have different moves and combos. A lot of time went into their design as well, which should just make Iceborn that much better of an experience. One interesting weapon design that we know is being added to this expansion pack is a clutch claw. It pretty much lets you grapple onto various monsters. It seems like an excellent addition that enables you to control monsters in a whole new way.

It’s hard not to mention the amazing environments featured in this Iceborn update. As its name implies, snow and ice are everywhere. You’ll have to brave these elements as you make your way through different quests. There are tall mountains covered in snow, icy lakes, and perilous wastelands where you see nothing but powder white.

If you want to get a taste of this expansion pack before it’s officially available, be sure to get your consoles ready this weekend. The beta is completely free and it’s the perfect way to experience Monster Hunter: World in a whole new way. You’ll see new monsters that will test your new weapons. It’s a pretty distinct update that expands on an already great game.