The Humorous Goat Of Duty Is Now In Early Access On The Steam Platform; Looks Like A Wildly Good Time

The Humorous Goat Of Duty Is Now In Early Access On The Steam Platform; Looks Like A Wildly Good Time
Credit: 34BigThings via YouTube

Goats are pretty ordinary animals. They appear a lot on farms and eat a ton of grass. The noises they make are pretty humorous. It’s then no surprise to find these animals in a lot of video games as of late.

For example, Goat Simulator put goats on the map. It’s a pretty unique game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. All that matters is causing carnage with goats. Well, imagine Call of Duty, but instead of battle-tested soldiers, there are goats.

That’s the vision that 34BigThings have for Goat of Duty. This is not a joke. There is an actual game called Goat of Duty and it’s currently in Early Access on the Steam platform. So what does a game involving military combat and goats look like? Well, you’re about to find out.

There is a description of the game on Steam, which breaks down the insane action PC users can embark on. You play as a goat armed with weapons. It’s your job to take out other goats you come across before they take you out. Sounds a lot like multiplayer for basically every Call of Duty game.

Up to 10 players can get in on this goat vs. goat action. Many gamers are comparing it to a battle arena game, where your goat sort of hovers above the ground. As you can imagine, this has lead to some hilarious combat action.

The sheer thought of goats battling it out with weapons is worth the price of admission alone. To promote Goat of Duty, a trailer on Steam is currently available.

It starts out with an epic battle scene. Bullets are flying all over the place, and at one point, a poster of the famous Uncle Sam slogan pops up. Only, instead of Uncle Sam, it’s a goat. We then see goats dropping like flies. One even explodes because of a bomb that drops within its vicinity.

The goats have some sort of mechanical arm, which is how they’re able to fire off bullets. The gameplay shown seems pretty fast-paced. Also, this game is surprisingly graphic. It’s not one of those games you want to bust out for the whole family to play.

According to the Steam description, there will be several modes. These include free-for-all, death match, Herd Wars, and Fus Ro Arena. Never in a million years would a goat shooter sound like a good idea, but in action, Goat of Duty seems like a total blast.