Redout: Space Assault Is Launching On PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC Next Year

Redout: Space Assault Is Launching On PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC Next Year
Credit: 34BigThings srl

Studio 34Bigthings has announced that their upcoming arcade space shooter will be releasing early next year. Redout: Space Assault is a game set in the same universe as the futuristic racing game Redout. This title takes players into an intense combat experience as they battle it out in aerial dog fights among the stars.

As a prequel, this title features this same fast-paced epic action as the original Redout. The only exception is that now players are blasting enemies in a unique and engaging roguelike environment. Battle across astonishing battlegrounds and dominate space in this battle simulation.

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Redout: Space Assault is an arcade battle experience that challenges players to lighting-fast space combat. Outsmart, outmaneuver, and outclass all opponents who challenge you in the arena of space.

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Players are placed in control of a Super Orbital Recon Fighter during the year 2395. This is when humankind has colonized mars and now players must take on fast and epic action to protect humankind.

Meet Leon Barret, an ace fighter pilot of the Poseidon Security Forces. Poseidon Corp paves the way for the colonization of mars but not rebels and space pirates are threatening humankind progress through the stars.

Explore gigantic asteroid mining plants, fight rebel drones and fighters, and unleash impossible weaponry upon your enemies. This is a fast-paced game that will challenge player reflexes, skill, and more as they take down everything in their path.

As players complete missions, they will unlock cards and tokens which can be used to upgrade the fighter. Improve your shields, energy weapons, missiles, and more until you can eventually go up against capital ships and shift the tide of war by yourself.

There is no good or bad in this game. As you fight in an interplanetary struggle, you will find yourself in the midst of a necessary evil. For the sake of integrity, players must take a stand as they rise through the ranks.

There is tons to do in this title, and tons more not mentioned here. This is a massive title and it seems good for players of all ages. Enjoy engaging combat, dynamic music, and deep gameplay as you dominate the battlefield in a unique way.

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Redout: Space Assault is set to release on January 22nd of 2021. For more information be sure to explore the Steam page and official website. This exciting adventure is sure to evolve any player’s idea fo what a space shooter can be.