Blazing Chrome Brings A New Pixel Run ‘n Gun Shooter To Consoles In An Epic Battle For The Future

Blazing Chrome Brings A New Pixel Run ‘n Gun Shooter To Consoles In An Epic Battle For The Future
Credit: JoyMasher

In the early days of the video games, side-scrolling pixel shooters were a popular genre of game. They were available mainly for anyone who owned a Nintendo Entertainment System. With 3D graphics and more modern shooters gaining popularity over time, the original pixel battlefields took a back seat for a while. Blazing Chrome is bringing back the feeling of these classic retro games to modern consoles.

Blazing Chrome is a co-op run ‘n gun style game with an original arcade feel. You play as Marva, a badass human resistance soldier, or Doyle, the groovy rebel robot, as you blast your way to defeat the robot army. It is a fast-paced game with fully armored vehicles and special weapons to choose from as your blast apart everything standing in your way.

The developers believe that every good game made in this classic style shines in their boss creation. They ran on the main guideline of at least three encounters on every stage to maintain the fast-paced feel. Each boss had to be unique and still present a unique challenge for players. The patterns had to be unique, and the boss still had to look cool for the fight itself.

Their programmer, Luri Nery, developed an internal animation system based on rotation sprites that could support multiple engine animations for the large towering robotic bosses. Everything had to be made using math, no bones or fancy modeling that modern games use.

Every boss battle is unique and uses design lines and some clever editing to create a fake-3D effect on some bosses. Some battles take place using simple pattern recognition and others that require carefully timed movements on high-speed 2D hoverbike fights.

The bosses are everything from large war machine style robots to animal hybrids, including a robotic polar bear. They are all made using the 16-bit style of the game and bring a classic feel to this semi-modern title. Although this is a great call back to a lost era of games many are wondering if it is a truly unique experience.

Reviews are still pending across the internet as the game is newly released, but many are happy simply because of the nostalgia given by the game’s style. It is sure to be a fun classic feeling game that will offset the modern shooters and show a whole new generation how games were in the past. So it is time to blast your way through fields of robotic enemies and free humanity from the robotic oppressors that control the far future.

So far the game has been confirmed for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam.