Steampunk Tower 2 Is Headed To PS4, Nintendo Switch And Xbox One As Of December 4th

Steampunk Tower 2 Is Headed To PS4, Nintendo Switch And Xbox One As Of December 4th
Credit: Steampunk Tower 2 Steam XO

Steampunk Tower 2 is the sequel to a well-known tower-based experience. This title comes from developer DreamGate and publisher Drageus Games and builds upon the foundations set by the original title. This game is expected to launch onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as of December 4th.

After successfully releasing on PC, the game’s community is spreading to console platforms. Dive into a unique steampunk world set in an alternative universe as you explore a war that never ends. Become the commander of a unique battle tower and protect it at all costs in Steampunk Tower 2.

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This title places players as a member of Lord Bingham’s military service. Wield the power of a unique secret weapon as you wield the power of the battle tower. Travel from place to place as you wield the power of this magnificent and destructive tower.

In this unique action-strategy experience, players must fight in a way against an enemy that continues to evolve. From a secret base hidden in the mountain of Spain is a massive aircraft that deploys your Battle Tower.

This is a direct sequel to Steampunk Tower with more turrets, enemies, and a map of all of Europe. Enter into familiar yet exciting dynamic battles as each turret has a unique super shot and documented capabilities.

Experience combat against enemies that continue to adapt and get stronger. Each of the enemies will come with extra armor, some weak spots, and extra features.

These upgraded enemies are a perfect place to try out the brand new superweapons and bonuses. Alongside normal-sized enemies are humungous bosses that will require extra firepower to bring down.

Fight for several territories. This is a game about conquering the war, building research laboratories, and training your team of engineering professionals. Fight through several story-driven missions across Europe. As you fight each boss you will slowly find your way closer to the heart of the enemy territory.

Develop railways, defend many different territories, and continue to enjoy a steampunk experience. This is a build-up off of the original game’s success that only goes to make everything better.

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Steampunk Tower 2 is available on Steam right now. Come December 4th, the title will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Explore a unique steampunk war as you command a variety of powerful towers all needing your strength of tactics, leadership, and perseverance to stand. Can you end the war or will it continue to rage on for a long time.