The Dungeon Crawler Mirador Launched A Kickstarter Campaign This Week; Gives Players The Ability To Customize Bosses

The Dungeon Crawler Mirador Launched A Kickstarter Campaign This Week; Gives Players The Ability To Customize Bosses
Credit: Sauropod Studio via YouTube

Dungeon crawlers have a special place in the hearts of many gamers today. They had such an impact on future role-playing games. They’re still being made today, thankfully. One, in particular, that could revolutionize the genre is Mirador.

Its Kickstarter campaign officially launched this week, and thus far, it’s receiving a lot of positive feedback. It has a lot of familiar elements that fans of the dungeon crawling genre will recognize right away. However, it does something drastically different.

That is letting users customize their own bosses. That’s right. Thanks to special editing features, you can go in and design bosses just how you see fit. This takes customization to another level. Those who’re a little hesitant about messing with the settings can rest easy.

The editing program is user-friendly and can be used by any gamer, even those who’re not familiar with dungeon crawlers. The in-game editor lets you adjust a boss’ appearance and AI. Having this control presents a lot of interesting opportunities.

For example, you can decide just how difficult you want your bosses to be. If you don’t have a lot of experience with this genre, you may want to dumb down your bosses a bit. Conversely, if you’re an advanced user, you can make your bosses as difficult as possible for a real challenge. It’s completely up to you.

In addition to adjusting the difficulty, you can determine what fight loops and moves each boss caries out. That’s not all, either. According to reports, the bosses you create will continue fighting players once you’ve logged off. In that time, you’ll earn a bunch of loot. You thus don’t have to do anything and still find some incredible items, which will help you get through the more difficult levels.

Speaking of levels, the more you advance in Mirador, the more difficult the enemies and bosses will be. You can continue your journey or venture back any time you think you’ve had enough for the day. Also, the loot that you collect in this game can be applied to your bosses. You can thus make them look more menacing and difficult as you progress.

These details are very promising and have a lot of gamers hyped for Mirador. It’s elevating the dungeon crawling genre in all of the right ways, and hopefully, it can have success on Kickstarter to give more gamers the chance to experience the incredible action.