Some New Details Emerge Regarding Microsoft’s Xbox Two Console Release

Some New Details Emerge Regarding Microsoft’s Xbox Two Console Release
Credit: Wikimedia Commons - Microsoft

It’s 2019 and we’re still probably a couple of years away from the unveiling of Microsoft’s new console, often referred to as Xbox Two. Xbox One was a huge success for the company, although it didn’t sell as well as the PlayStation 4. Still, Microsoft is set to turn the page in the upcoming years and position themselves as one of the leading companies in gaming.

We’ve heard only small details concerning their newest console, but some news broke recently from the tech website According to their reports, Microsoft is planning to unveil two new consoles instead of just one like many originally thought.

The first console will be a lot similar to the Xbox One. Of course, it will have better capabilities given that we’re approaching another wave of next-gen gaming. Better graphics and better tech features can be expected. What’s interesting to note is Microsoft’s plans for the second console. Evidently, they want to make it a less beefy version of the first new unit. Only, it will be based on a cloud system.

Called ‘Scarlett Cloud’, this console gives gamers the chance to buy strictly digital games via a vast library. There is a lot to make of this news. First off, it’s nice to see Microsoft give their fanbase some options in terms of what next console they’ll be purchasing. Those who want to pay more money can go the traditional route: a console that takes hard-copy games. Those looking to cut costs and avoid collecting disks can get the cloud-based system.

Will this multi-console approach be enough to dethrone PlayStation and Nintendo in the next wave of console wars? This remains to be seen, but the creativity and flexibility that Microsoft is showing will serve them well. They’ve always been a company that has listened to the pulse of the gaming community, doing everything they can to give their loyal fanbase better gaming experiences.

You can be fairly certain more details concerning Microsoft’s next two consoles will surface as time progresses. We’re roughly a couple of years off. Still, there’s a lot to get excited about if you’re a fan of console gaming.

Hopefully, the next Xbox systems are worth their value and come equipped with specs that revolutionize the way games are played. The company has done outstanding work in the past, so you can rest assured they have more up their sleeves. Let’s see how the competition responds.