Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Now Much Cheaper For PS4 Users Thanks To Price Drop

Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Now Much Cheaper For PS4 Users Thanks To Price Drop
Credit: Instacodez

If you like superheroes and web-slinging action, you’ll be happy to know that Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4 is now only $39.99. This will in fact be a permanent price drop, giving gamers an amazing value on one of the best titles to come out in 2018. Now is the perfect time to play this amazing exclusive.

What’s not to love about Spider-Man? It takes what the other previous titles did and improves upon them tenfold. You notice this the moment you pick up the controls and take off through the city with Spider-Man (aka Peter Parker).

Let’s start off with the open-world environment. You get to sling from building to building in the beautiful and massive streets of Manhattan. It’s honestly one of the best environments created in a video game in recent memory.

The details are all present, from the authentic side-shops to the beautifully rendered parks. You can spend hours swinging around this city and not get the slightest sensation of boredom.

Along with the beautiful environment, combat and swinging mechanics have been perfected by developers. They’ve never been better quite honestly. The combat maneuvers that Spider-Man can unleash have a nice variety and they’re not overly difficult to master. Using various web combos is particularly fun.

The story involved in this latest addition is also a major highlight. There are tense moments that really make you feel for the plight of both Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Each mission provides a unique experience. There isn’t one moment where you get a sense of repetition. Everything seems to flow and getting immersed in Spider-Man’s universe happens effortlessly.

There are many talents that Spider-Man possesses as well. You can map out the order in which you want enemies webbed. You don’t always want to barge in and charge enemies, either. Certain missions require a lot of stealth, which changes up the pace of the action. The enemy variety is also nice. They’ll attack you with different maneuvers, requiring you to take a different approach every time.

If you’ve never tried a Spider-Man game before, the newest addition is the perfect starting point. You don’t have to know about previous stories either. You can pick up and start slinging webs around Manhattan like you’re a pro. And for only $39.99, you can’t get a better bargain. Spider-Man truly redefines the superhero game genre.

The sequel can’t come out soon enough on the next generation of PlayStation consoles.