Soedesco Releases Kaze and the Wild Masks Story Trailer

Soedesco Releases Kaze and the Wild Masks Story Trailer
Credit: Soedesco via YouTube

Publisher Soedesco and developer PixelHive have released a new story trailer for the upcoming game Kaze and the Wild Masks. The game will first launch digitally later this month, followed by a physical launch for consoles in May.

The new story trailer shows off the game’s 90’s inspired 16bit artwork and music. The game also includes some gameplay for those interested in seeing the action-platforming in action. Players can jump and run seamlessly in the upcoming platformer that combines retro style with modern upgrades.

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Kaze and the Wild Masks stars Kaze, who is on a quest to save her friend Hogo. However, the Crystal Islands have also been cursed, and enraged living vegetables are on the loose. Kaze has to find the Wild Masks and unleash the powers of the legendary guardians to unlock abilities on the land, sky, and the sea.

The game contains over 30 levels plus over 50 bonus levels to explore. Throughout the game, the Wild Masks will help Kaze through the diverse Crystal Island landscape.

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The Tiger mask allows Kaze to pounce, the Eagle gives Kaze the ability to fly, while the lizard can sprint through dangerous lands, and she can use the Shark mask to travel through the wild.

Kaze and the Wild Masks was developed by PixelHive, a Brazilian indie studio. The game is bringing brought to the Stadia by Sodescos Studios, which is the publisher’s in-house development studio.

PixelHive’s goal was to blend 90s platformers with today’s technology. The game contains colorful visuals and music from that area with a modern touch, like high-resolution graphics.

The initial goal was to release the digital and physical editions of the game simultaneously. At the end of February, the publisher explained that the physical edition would come two months after the digital launch.

Soedesco explained that due to the current situation around the world, there had been challenges in production and logistics. This forced the company to reschedule the physical launch edition, but now everyone worldwide will have access to it at the same time.

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Kaze and the Wild Masks launches first on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. The physical release is set for launch on May 25 for consoles.