Skyrim Build Ideas: The Hunter – Perks, Items, And Roleplaying Ideas For a New Playthrough

Skyrim Build Ideas: The Hunter – Perks, Items, And Roleplaying Ideas For a New Playthrough
Credit: Bethesda via Youtube

In the wonderful world of Skyrim, players have the freedom to be whatever kind of character they so desire. However, sometimes this can get a bit stale, especially if you gravitate towards the same quests and builds each time.

The goal of this series is to provide several different ideas for builds that get the creative juices flowing for your next Elder Scrolls 5 playthrough. Today we will be going over the Hunter build; just how to create one and what quests to undertake.

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The Hunter is the stereotypical ranger build as you would see in DnD or other fantasy media. Hunters move silently through the forest using a bow to take down their prey. When cornered, a hunter might pull out a knife for self-defense, but generally prefers to stay at range. A hunter might also travel with an animal companion for safety and comfort.

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In order to create a Hunter, you’ll want to focus on perks from the Light Armor, Archery, and Stealth tree. You also will want to dip into the Alchemy tree as well, specifically any perks that amplify your poison’s effects. This seems like a waste of time at first, but alchemy becomes quite powerful when used correctly.

The real meat of the Hunter build (no pun intended) is in the gameplay. There are several quests in the vanilla game you will want to be sure to undertake. The first is called Kyne’s Sacred Trials and can be started within Froki’s Shack. This is a short series of quests that involves the player hunting down various animal guardians while learning about Kyne’s significance to hunters.

The best part of this quest is the reward, which perfectly suits our build today. Kyne’s Token is a unique amulet, with a powerful enchantment for a Hunter. The amulet reads,
“Damage taken from animals is reduced 10% and Bows do 5% more damage.”

The next quest you should look out for is actually a Daedric quest called “Ill Met By Moonlight.” This might seem like a strange choice until you realize that the quest centers around Daedric lord Hircine, or lord of the hunt. Without spoiling too much, this quest has an interesting choice at the end, which determines the exact reward you get.

The final quest is a smaller one, called “Hunter and Hunter.” This quest can be triggered by speaking to Valdr outside of Moss Mother Cavern.

The player helps Valdr get revenge on the inhabitants within the cave, and is rewarded with a unique dagger called “Valdr’s Lucky Dagger.” This weapon is a great secondary choice for a Hunter when the bow just isn’t cutting it.

If you are planning on roleplaying a true hunter, it might be worth picking up an animal companion as well. The stray dog Meeko, located just outside of Meeko’s Shack is a perfect choice, as the lonely stray is looking for a new owner. A dog is perfect for chasing down animals after you have damaged them.

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To further immerse yourself in this playthrough, a few mods are recommended as well. The famous Frostfall – Hypothermia Camping Survival by Chesko allows the player a more survival-oriented experience which includes inclement weather and camping. Hunterborn SE by unuroboros is also a great choice, as the mod adds new hunting and looting mechanics for taking down animals in Skyrim.

That about wraps up ideas for the Hunter build in Skyrim. Don’t like it? Feel free to change anything and make it your own! Coming up with a unique story helps make any playthrough fun and memorable. While you’re playing through, be sure to check back here for all the latest Skyrim news and info.