Scene From Predator Gets Recreated In Trailer For Warhammer 2’s Latest DLC

Scene From Predator Gets Recreated In Trailer For Warhammer 2’s Latest DLC
Credit: Total War via YouTube

Predator fans would probably agree that the latest trailer for Warhammer 2’s DLC recreated a popular movie scene.

The scene shows the team walking in the forest when Blain gets attacked from behind. The others responded by firing their big guns hoping to kill Blain’s attacker.

That’s how the latest trailer for Warhammer 2’s The Prophet and The Warlock looks like. The new set of DLC will be released on April 17.

The DLC contains the vicious mutant Skaven and the Lizardmen races.
In its trailer, Skavens are seen walking in the jungle until one of them was attacked from behind. The rest of the Skavens fired towards the enemy’s direction.

They will fight with a lot of Lizardmen on the other end. The latest DLC also has nine new battlefield units, new destructive weapons, and the Regiments of Renown.

It comes with the Ratling Gun Weapon Teams that can be seen in the trailer, plus the Ripperdactyls. Total War: Warhammer 2’s new DLC will also come with faction mechanics.

The latest DLC was also reported to contain free contents including the Doomsayers Update. The Doomsayers Update will give fresh updates for the Lizardmen and the Skaven.

The update will also have an overhaul for Bretonnia, the kingdom from the Old World. Bretonnia is part of the Moral Empire campaign.

With the upcoming update, the people of Bretonnia, called Bretonnians, will have the latest Vow system. Some tech improvements and additional weapons will arrive too.

Creative Assembly said players will enter a new chapter with the new DLC pack. Warhammer 2 fans will finally get two see the newest Legendary Lords: Ikit Claw and Tehenauin.

Tehenauin commands the Lizardmen’s Sotek Cult. Meanwhile, Ikit Claw is a warlock-engineer from Clan Skryre. The power of the Serpent God backs Tehenauin’s intent to annihilate the race of the rat-men, Skaven.

However, the Skaven will go to the jungles of Lustria in search of Warpstone deposits. The Warpstone is very powerful that it can wipe out cities in one blow.

The two legendary lords will join the fray in the fight to control the Great Vortex. Total War: Warhammer 2 has two other races – the High Elves and the Dark Elves.

The latest update is possibly the last for Warhammer 2. As of February, Warhammer 3 is still in its pre-production stage.

The DLC both be playable in the campaigns Mortal Empires and Eye of the Vortex. More details on it are included in an FAQ article on Total War’s blog site. The Prophet and The Warlock DLC update will be available for $9.