The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ New Expansion Is Alliance War And It Has New Cards, Factions, And Mechanics – It Will Be Out On April 15th!

The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ New Expansion Is Alliance War And It Has New Cards, Factions, And Mechanics – It Will Be Out On April 15th!

The Elder Scrolls: Legends from Bethesda has gained immersive success already, and its legion of subscribers is getting higher. Its supporters will certainly expand through its new expansion, the Alliance War. There are over 100 fresh cards, which draw inspiration from the infinite war in the Elder Scrolls MMO.

Gamers can engage in battle with help from one of the 5 factions, which are the new Empire of Cyrodill and Guildsworn, TESO’s Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact, and Aldmeri Dominion. Each of these factions has a unique mechanic and a distinctive 3-color attribute combination.

The Expertise from Guildsworn is a probable game-changer. PC gamer has its special reveal at how players can take advantage of the new powerful ability to use this card.

Christian Van Hoose, the community manager of Elder Scrolls: Legends said that cards with Expertise provide a bonus at the end of every turn for players who’ll play an item, a support card, or an action.

This fresh mechanic is available within Guildsworn’s faction of willpower, intelligence, and strength. Willpower and intelligence have a lot of strong actions, which could aid cards with Expertise.

The Fighters Guild Elite will begin as relative lightweight 2/2 and it will be for 5 Magicka. However, the situation will dramatically change if it will be equipped with Steel Scimitar because the card will become 4/4, and the Expertise ability will be triggered, and it will become 8/8 at the end of the turn.

Players can get a probable serious heavy-hitter without spending much. Van Hoose mentioned it’s relatively easy to envision the game-ending attacks from Fighters Guild Elite. The Fighters Guild Elite just need to become a survivor in succeeding turns.

Fans just need to wait until April 15 for the Alliance War. There’s a pre-order bundle for only $50, and it already has 50 card packs, which include the exclusive Warmonger game title.

It also has a premium card back, and the expansion’s legendary card. These are all available when the Alliance War goes live. Now, it’s only less than two weeks of waiting, and everyone is excited.

Alliance War is about the Ruby Throne Battle. The pack-based expansion is an era of great war, and this conflict can change Tamriel forever. Gamers will decide if they want to help the Aldmeri Dominion who’ll enhance their abilities. They can also choose to help Daggerfall Covenant because it can mobilize armed recruits in the span of a moment.

Besides the new mechanics, factions, and cards, there are also new music tracks, visual effects, and a beautiful playmat in the Alliance War.