Prologue To Guild Wars 2 New Season The Icebrood Saga Comes Out September 17

Prologue To Guild Wars 2 New Season The Icebrood Saga Comes Out September 17
Credit: Guild Wars 2 via YouTube

The new episodes in the Guild Wars 2 saga are coming, and it will be called The Icebrood Saga. reports that the Icebrood Saga picks up after the defeat of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. All of Tyria is in celebration of that momentous victory over one of the Dragons, but it is short-lived, for another Elder Dragon is stirring somewhere north.

The press release revealed this dragon to be Jormag, whose elements are the Cold and the Ice. Jormag’s followers are the Sons of Svanir. While Tyria is celebrating Kralkatorrik’s demise, the Sons of Svanir start to corrupt people with tales of Jormag’s power and virtues.

The new story will commence on September 17, with the release of the first episode titled “Bound by Blood.”

The Icebrood Saga brings all-new stories, characters, and plot points to the evolving world of Tyria and the Guild Wars. In addition, players can enjoy a new gaming feature from the episode called the “Strike Mission.”

According to PC Games N, Strike Missions allow players to get together in parties of 10 in order to raid the bosses’ dungeons for loot and experience. The publication adds that to cope with the new bosses, players will also have new Masteries to work on and develop their characters with.

In addition, with this new release, players who have purchased previous episodes have the opportunity to grab some freebies.

PC Games N said that people who bought Path of Fire can finally get their hands on Heart of Thorns free of charge. Heart of Thorns owners can receive exciting freebies as well.

With the release of The Icebrood Saga, these players can also get the Veteran’s Pack and a number of exclusive in-game merchandise for free. These include a Veteran’s Armor Voucher and a Mordrem Glider.

There are other merchandise coming to commemorate the new season of Guild Wars 2. Fans can purchase licensed apparel themed after the game. These will be produced by Hot Topic and Insert Coin.

Gamers can also enjoy unparalleled playing experience with the new mousepads designed by Razer. Fans can also dress up their smartphones in Guild Wars 2 decals, also made by Razer.

Funko Pop is also jumping into the bandwagon, with three new Pops coming out, Hardcore Gamer reports.

These three new pops will be adaptations of the characters Rytlock, Palawa Ignacious Joko and Baby Aurene. The boxes for these Pop!s will contain an exclusive digital item code that you can redeem in-game.

There is no release date for these Pop!s, however.