Eight Years After Its Release, Guild Wars 2 Is Getting A Brand New Expansion Pack – The End Of Dragons

Eight Years After Its Release, Guild Wars 2 Is Getting A Brand New Expansion Pack – The End Of Dragons
Credit: ArenaNet via YouTube

To celebrate the eighth anniversary of Guild Wars 2, the third expansion pack has received a teaser trailer on YouTube. It’s called End of Dragons and it will likely arrive next year.

The expansion was originally announced back in March of this year, but the studio went quiet without further news about features and upcoming changes.

End of Dragons, the third expansion for Guild Wars 2, reimagines the continent of Cantha. This region was first introduced in Guild Wars Factions and is heavily inspired by Chinese mythology and culture.

Guild Wars Factions was a second stand-alone campaign released in the original Guild Wars game, way back in 2006. It featured regions such as Kaineng City, Echovald Forest, and the Jade Sea.

The GW2 Wiki page for the region is…immense. To go into the gritty details of its history and lore would take several articles, like studying the actual history of an actual civilization.

Despite this, the End of Dragons teaser trailer is pretty vague in what exactly is going to be introduced in terms of gameplay mechanics or features. It is a teaser, after all.

The community is still hyped for the release of the third expansion. This teaser does mention Kuunavang, a dragon also introduced in Guild Wars Factions.

Kuunavang was trapped underneath the Harvest Temple and later became corrupted. The dragon was found across Guild Wars Factions, from the Jade Sea and the Unwaking Waters to appearing in the metropolis of Kaineng.

It’s likely the reimaging of Cantha will bring back many of these familiar locations while also bringing more to the standard Guild Wars 2 experience.

The art style in the trailer is already very distinct from that found in the base game. It’s heavily inspired by East Asian culture and music, as well as the soft pastel colors and whimsical settings.

As of yet, nothing is known about what new classes, storylines, and environments can be explored in the upcoming Guild Wars 2. It’s suspected the expansion will launch sometime in 2021.

What can players expect and hope for? Well, boats. Water combat. An unraveling of the story of Kuunavang and the Deep Sea Dragon.

It will also be a nostalgic return to Cantha for those who played the original Guild Wars, and for those that didn’t, a well-needed boost of content for a game that still retains an active and dedicated player base.

You can stay up to date with the news for End of Dragons by visiting the official Guild Wars website. Guild Wars 2 is also coming to Steam in November.