Guild Wars 2 Is Finally Being Added To Steam In November

Guild Wars 2 Is Finally Being Added To Steam In November
Credit: IGN via YouTube

As far as MMOs, one of the better offerings for some time now has been Guild Wars 2. It’s unique compared to others in this space because of its dynamic storyline, which plays out based on the actions of players.

You typically see this design in single-player games so it was an element that certainly helped push it to the top of the charts. Despite being out since 2012 — however — it has never graced the Steam platform.

That’s all changing starting in November. This sequel, along with the Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire expansions, will be available on Steam for the first time ever. That being said, those that already have a Guild Wars 2 account won’t be able to transfer it over to the Steam platform.

Still, it’s an exciting announcement for the franchise overall as it lets a new audience potentially experience Guild Wars 2 for the first time. Those that do purchase the game on Steam won’t have to worry about subscription fees. They also can look forward to a lot of things.

The living world — for example — is endless in the stories it provides. There are always new adventures and quests for players to go on solo or with other players. The outcomes are predicated on your actions as mentioned earlier, which gives weight to this MMO that is hard to find.

If you’re not familiar with this franchise, Guild Wars 2 is set on a fictional world known as Tyria, which as been seized by Elder Dragons. To stand a chance against their unwavering quest for total domination, you’ll have to create a character and join part of Destiny’s Edge — a guild dedicated to stopping these dragons at all costs.

The game has always shined in the lore department. The developer ArenaNet has crafted a beautiful fantasy world that begs to be explored. Upon your explorations, you’ll uncover truths about Tryia and the evil that now has it in its grasp.

The amount of content is endless and the developer has done fans a solid by offering expansion after expansion. Guild Wars 2 is actually getting another one. If you want further details on what it entails, you can check out the trailer above.

It seems like a great time to be a Guild Wars fan. Even though it took the developer quite a while to get it on Steam, at least their pursuits paid off and that’s great for PC gamers.