Path of Kami: Prologue Has Just Launched On Steam

Path of Kami: Prologue Has Just Launched On Steam
Credit: Steam XO

Developer Captillight Games has announced a brand new adventure as Path of Kami: Prologue appears on the Steam page. This is the prologue for a future release titled Path of Kami and gives players a taste of a relaxing puzzle adventure that follows the story of a spirit wolf. This is a title with a calming environment, and from the trailer, it appears to have a cute narrative that builds throughout the adventure.

The game is designed to be a relaxing puzzle adventure that follows the tale of a Japanese wolf. This spirit animal must navigate the Mortal World by completing puzzles. Overall, this is a title rich in Japanese tradition and deep in a narrative of its own. Take part in a personal journey for a character who is lost to the world.

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Meet Kazeyo, a recently-deceased Japanese wolf who is navigating the Spirit World. This wolf is on a journey navigating trials of the Mortal and Spirit world through complicated puzzles. This is an overall relaxing experience, and its color palette gives it a mystical feel.

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Your companion is a Wisp who is there to guide Kazeyo on their journey. Explore the folktales of Momotaro and Issun-Boushi as you go on a personal journey with Kazeyo into his next life. This is a solemn piece, and its journey will stay with players for a while despite only being a Prologue.

The Prologue version only features a piece of Kazeyo’s journey. As a trek through the Mortal Realm, players are introduced to the world found in Path of Kami and the experience that they will soon be able to explore.

Enter into a beautiful recreation of ancient Japanese landscapes. There are tons of collectibles scattered around for players to collect. Although this is a peaceful puzzle game, it is not designed to be an easy journey.

Puzzles can be solved by lighting lanterns, and players will get to experience a heartwarming story of a wolf and a wisp. This journey is warming despite being set in a cold landscape and toned with a hint of death.

The world is beautifully hand-painted in a 3D environment making it a unique environment to explore. Mix that with the soundtrack, and this title is sure to provoke strong emotions as the journey finds its way into the next world.

This is a good game for players of most ages. it approaches difficult topics and could even be a good purchase for those who have lost someone recently.

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So far, this title has no release date. Path of Kami: Prologue can be found on Steam for more information.