Yaga’s Tale Is Set To Release On November 12, Time For An Epic Adventure Through Slavic Folklore

Yaga’s Tale Is Set To Release On November 12, Time For An Epic Adventure Through Slavic Folklore
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The most famous of Slavic Folktales is the infamous Baba Yaga. This game takes on the witch’s name and sends players through a terrifying journey where they must punch their way to victory. You will fight hideous monsters as well as comical creations, all inspired by the legendary folklore.

You play as a one-handed blacksmith named Ivan. You must navigate Ivan through more and more impossible tasks as the game progresses. Although Ivan is a very talented blacksmith, he will need the help of the infamous Baba Yaga. This game brings a forging system and multiple endings all together into an experience that many will want to play a couple of times.

Throughout the game, you will learn the story of how Ivan got into this situation. Ivan has notoriously bad luck, and when presented with impossible tasks from the Tzar, he must try and complete his mission. Baba Yaga finds him and begins to manipulate him while his grandmother nags for him to find a wife. This is an action RPG experience mixed with punchy combat.

Throughout the game, you will build your reputation through roleplaying situations. Interact with villagers and NPCs to unlock secret trading options and game-changing curses and blessings as you fully embrace the weird world found within. How you play, your character is just as important as how you fight, so keep a wary eye on your choice of words in dialogue options.

The key to this game is found within superstition and pagan beliefs. Secrets are hidden around, and if you take advantage of these beliefs, you can work many aspects to your advantage. If you convince house spirits to help you or simply keep a note of something, an old woman once said you would be able to avoid powerful curses and unclean creatures.

Each level will allow you to change the difficulty and challenge of the game. This means that you can constantly adjust the experience until you are having as much fun as possible. Hidden around the map are talismans and artifacts that influence your abilities and can even augment the game itself.

So remember to craft and upgrade your weapons. Tools used within the adventure must be upgraded to continue their effort in supporting your journey. The game features a unique soundtrack as well from the underground folklore band Subcarpati. Enjoy a folklore game with thematic folklore music.

The game is set to launch for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on November 12. You can pre-order the game for a twenty percent discount or wait for launch for possible launch deals.