Explore A Unique Exploration Adventure as Sunlight Launches On January 15th, 2021

Explore A Unique Exploration Adventure as Sunlight Launches On January 15th, 2021
Credit: Steam XO

Krillbite Studios has a new title headed to Steam titled Sunlight. This unique game is planning to launch on January 15th, 2021 and is the indirect squel to their 2013 title The Plan. Enter into a loveingly-crafted reality from an award-winning Norwegian studio that inspires and drives imagination using the art of Edvard Munch.

Players are taken to a stunning atmopsheric forest where they must explore their surroundings in a first-person perspective. Watch as the story unfurls around you and follow the voiceover’s direction as you travel through the trees on a magical and heart-filled journey. This is a short and sweet title that gives a unique experience in a bite-sized fashion.

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Sunlight invites players to traverse through a hand-painted world. Explore the gentle whispers of the tree, unveil a philosophically heavy story, and enjoy a relaxing break from stressful game encounters. This is a truly unique and uncanny title meant to enlighten rather than challenge, and relax rather than entertain.

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The title comes from the creators of Among the Sleep, Mosaic, and The Plan. It is a journey into an uncharted forest filled with unique music, talking trees, and a calming and surreal atmosphere.

The visuals used in this title were hand-painted using a Quill. This gives the entire world a unique three-dimensional painting environment that constantly enchants fans and pushes them deeper into the unknown.

As for the music, it is a hauntingly beautiful piece composed by Tchaikovsky and recorded at the Archbishop’s Palace in Trondheim, Norway. It is sung by the award-winning choir Kammerkoret Aurum, and the rest of the voice staff is filled with multiple continents and cultures creating a unique blend of voices.

This is a meditative and engaging story that will help calm the nerves, drag players forward, and keep them returning every so often. Although it is a slower title and shorter game than expected, the developers hope that its size can make it fit into any player’s schedule as a single session experience that will travel with them through life.

It is worth looking into the developer’s other titles. They are all designed as bite-sized experiences that can awaken fans for a unique and thrilling experience at every turn.

Audience wise, this game is a perfect fit for players of all ages. There is nothing in this that would make it inappropriate for any audience member, but it is sure to be appreciated more by those with a more artistic interest.

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Sunlight is set to release on January 14th, 2021.