Pascal’s Wager Is Receiving A New Expansion From Tipsworks Studios And Giant Network

Pascal’s Wager Is Receiving A New Expansion From Tipsworks Studios And Giant Network
Credit: GameZoneX via Youtube

A new expansion has been announced for Tipsworks Studio’s critically acclaimed mobile RPG Pascal’s WagerThis new expansion will enhance the story by bringing the game to a whole new land. Enter a Dark Souls style combat adventure designed for mobile systems and a mobile audience.

Fans of the game will be excited to explore a new land with their favorite swordsman. MAster Jerold’s unique combat style as you head into a beautiful conflict in this brand new expansion. Prepare to enter Pascal’s Wager: Tides of Oblivion.

This expansion brings in tons of new enemies along with a brand new land to explore. This is a game filled with a wide variety of new monsters all designed to test your skills and sanity. Each enemy brings new tactics to the table requiring players to constantly adapt to a changing field of battle.

Pascal’s Wager: Tides of Oblivion is planned for a release on Google Play later this summer. Players are recommended to explore the game before the release of this anticipated expansion.

Pascal’s Wager is an immersive console-quality game that gives mobile fans a taste of a high-quality experience on the go. Enter a dark fantasy world as you take on the roles of four different characters each embarking on a journey into this mysterious land.

Welcome to the world of Solas, a detailed environment with dangerous dungeons and detailed locales. Each location is full of secrets, mysteries, and stories that create an immersive world that players can get lost in.

After you master each of the powerful characters you must enjoy a rich and challenging experience in the hardcore combat mode. There are tons of terrifying dark enemies that will challenge players to overcome. These are not easy battles and each will require planning and quick reflexes to defeat.

On top of this title is a deep and emotional soundtrack that will compliment the darkness of this journey. In collaboration with both the London Philharmonic Orchestra and The London Symphony Orchestra, the soundtrack is designed for casual listening.

Meet a wide range of monsters, characters, and personalities in this unique battle for good and evil. Learn the truth behind this dark and grim world.

Pascal’s Wager is available on Android and iOS devices for $3.99. For more information be sure to explore the developer’s website which is filled with trailers, lore, screenshots, and more of the beautiful world. Experience a deep and powerful mobile title.