Panda Global Releases Esports Data And Analysis Website, Starts With Super Smash Bros.

Panda Global Releases Esports Data And Analysis Website, Starts With Super Smash Bros.
Credit: Nintendo

The organization Panda Global publicized its statistics website, the PGstats, on November 13. With a hub to view pro players’ information, data, and breakdowns, the platform is dedicated to fulfilling its duties to fans and management alike. The website will also feature videos, analytical content, and more.

The Panda Global-initiated website will data-driven for Super Smash Bros. pro players who have entered the bracket in the game’s one of the biggest tournament databases online, the It also promises complete data for the players base on their stats during their matches and participated tournaments. During their announcement video, the website looks to feature win percentage, win-loss record, even a graph that outlines their placement over time, rankings by season, and placement compared to seed over time.

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Though the video warns that the website is still under development and features are still subject to change, it is as comprehensive as an all-in-one stop for all sorts of Super Smash Bros.-related eSports. Divided between Melee and Ultimate versions of the game, viewers can also watch vods with filtration according to characters vs. characters, players, and more. Of course, PGstats also include numbers for the fighting game’s characters and their meta ranking.

The company’s official blog post states that it aims to create “a smarter Smash scene, one that is more educated, and more importantly, more curious about the inner workings of the games they play.” They also added that Panda Global would be offering paid opportunities for writers and fans of the game that want to feature analytical content. This goal aims at getting the player base in discussing more interactions and mechanics in the game than ever before.

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Jackie Peanuts, director of growth for PGStats, added his insights into their newly announced gaming hub’s visions. “I want to enable the pro player trying to find an edge; the up-and-comer trying to find the inspiration he needs to take the next big jump, the 0-2er just trying to find their footing in the game, and everyone in between,” Peanuts states.

The director also has the eSports fans all around the world in mind. He adds that the stories during the tournaments are as important as the competition itself and traveling around the country or the world is not a privilege for every fan. So he wants a portion of the internet for all attendees of the tournaments to share their fan interactions, players, or anything that happened during the live events.