Offworld Trading Company Will Be Completely Free Next Week On The Epic Games Store

Offworld Trading Company Will Be Completely Free Next Week On The Epic Games Store
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Epic Games Store has been killing it lately in the free games department. PC gamers always have something new to explore and add to their collection. Next week is no different. Starting March 6, Epic Games Store visitors will be able to pick up Offworld Trading Company free of charge.

If you enjoy the real-time strategy genre of gaming, then Offworld Trading Company will have a ton of value for you. The game’s main premise revolves around the colonization of Mars. You’ll leave Earth and set up shop on the iconic red planet, with hopes of making a fortune. You’ll wage war in the economic sector with other titans trying to gain a stronghold over the market.

Right from the jump, you’ll learn industry tactics necessary to become a successful CEO of a major corporation. The game does a great job at taking real-life business principles and bringing them to the forefront in a video game. Of course, climbing your way to the top won’t be easy.

There will be times when profits plummet and investing opportunities dwindle. That’s when you’ll really have to be on your A game and make some tough choices. If you stick with it, you can see a lot of success. The trials and tribulations you had to endear making it to the top of the red mountains will be worth it in the end, though.

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of strategy. For example, in the beginning, you’ll have to decide what resources to invest in. Your choice is critical to your future investing opportunities and company’s financial health. Even though these economic principles are based in a fantasy world, it all feels so real. You have complete financial control like never before in a game, and that’s why a lot of gamers have flocked to Offworld Trading Company ever since it released back in 2016.

Another design element that gamers have loved is no two players’ experiences are alike. You could play this game one month and have a completely different experience the next. The diversity and economic changes will keep you on your toes. There is a bit of a learning curve at first, but with time, you’ll start getting the economic and business principles down.

Overall, Offworld Trading Company is a competent RTS that gives gamers a peak into the world of economics and business. If it sounds like your cup of tea, then the Epic Games Store is the place to be next week.