The Sandbox RPG Black Desert Online Will Be Free To Play Over The Weekend

The Sandbox RPG Black Desert Online Will Be Free To Play Over The Weekend
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Black Desert Online is a fantasy multiplayer with a sandbox design. It has been received well by the community and beloved for its diversity in things to do. You can join up with friends and go on epic quests or wage war with fantasy-inspired beasts. The possibilities are truly limitless.

It appears Pearl Abyss is opening up its door for a free trial weekend on Steam. This free trial period goes all the way until March 2nd. So if you’ve wondered what you’ve been missing since this game launched back in 2017, here’s your chance to experience the open sandbox fun.

The classes that are currently available are pretty varied. There is an option for every type of player, whether you want to become an archer who uses arrows from a distance or a warrior suited up in armor from head to toe. The options will keep you coming back to experience each class, seeing how their skills and attributes differ.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what a seamless experience is in a world full of mystery and magic, then Black Desert Online will be an outstanding experience for you. That’s because there are no load times. You can move to any area in the open world and not have to wait a second. The design really does immerse you in this world all the more.

Adding to the immersion are the day/night cycles and weather system. They truly make this game feel alive from the very first time you pick up the controls. The combat is also top notch. It’s fast-paced and oriented on combos. You even have the ability to mount a horse and wage war with others.

The variety of weapons you’ll collect keeps you honest, as you’ll have to learn new skills and and put them to the test. The enemy variety will keep you engaged as well, whether you’re taking down minor threats or huge bosses that warrant a collective effort.

To further illustrate how in-depth this game is, the developer is planning on rolling out a musical instrument feature. It basically lets players pick up and learn various instruments. Who would have thought that was a skill you could develop in an MMO? It’s incredible how many things there are to do in this game. You can get a pretty good taste of everything this weekend by heading to the Steam store. You won’t regret it for a second.