Numbani And Necropolis Are Available Once Again In Overwatch 2’s Map Rotation After The Latest Patch

Numbani And Necropolis Are Available Once Again In Overwatch 2’s Map Rotation After The Latest Patch
Credit: IGN

The most recent patch for Overwatch 2 includes several bug patches and character alterations; however, the most significant new addition is the reappearance of two maps, namely Numbani and Necropolis, which had gone missing during the porting process from the original game.

When Overwatch 2 was released, users observed that neither of the maps was included in the game, but Blizzard still needed to provide an official explanation for why the maps were absent. Although the cause for their absence is still a question, it is possible that both maps underwent minor redesigns or underwent tiny adjustments when they were removed from the game.

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However, as of the most recent patch for the game, both Numbani and Necropolis have been added back to their respective map pools, which indicates that they should now be playable in the actual game.

Zenyatta and Kiriko have both received balance changes as part of this patch. Zenyatta, in particular, will no longer benefit from the increased attack speed provided by Kiriko’s ultimate ability. This is just one of the many new features that have been added. It is important to note that Zenyatta’s attack speed will still rise; however, this change has prevented Zenyatta from gaining a more significant attack extra momentum than the rest of the roster.

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Aside from that, Blizzard has addressed a variety of less critical issues by implementing several small bug patches.

Bastion and Torbjorn were recently removed from all game modes after discovering that specific vulnerabilities may be used to gain an advantage in those modes. As a result, players whose heroes were just removed will likely have to wait a little longer for them to return.

The bug in Bastion’s Ultimate that allowed users to spew artillery rounds across the map for a shorter time than the customary three made it the more infamous of the two exploits. Still, Bastion’s exploit was undoubtedly the more widespread of the two.