Nolan North On Returning For Uncharted 5: ‘It’s Never Anything I Would Say No To’

Nolan North On Returning For Uncharted 5: ‘It’s Never Anything I Would Say No To’
Credit: Naughty Dog

Nolan North, the voice actor behind Nathan Drake, is satisfied with how Uncharted 4 ended but is willing to return for a fifth main installment if Sony and Naughty Dog decide to continue the franchise.

While speaking with Comic Book Movie, North explained why it’s been hard for him to move on from the character, and that he’s keeping himself in shape just in case he’s asked to return for a fifth game.

“You know, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to move on from him [Nathan Drake],” said North. “I’m satisfied with it if this truly is the end, which I believe it is. I’m okay with it, but if there were ever a chance they wanted to drag me back out into the mo-cap suit, I’m not gonna lie, I try to keep myself in shape just for that day!

“Over the years, he just became more and more like me, and I became like him, aside from climbing and shooting things. It’s never anything I would say no to. I would always want to continue that role if they ever wanted me back.”

Back in February, Neil Druckmann, the vice president of Naughty Dog, was a guest on Troy Baker and Nolan North’s Retro Replay, where he didn’t rule out the possibility of making a fifth Uncharted game.

“We’re lucky that we have the freedom that Sony gives us where we can choose,” Druckmann said of the studio’s future plans. “We made Uncharted 4 and we haven’t made another Uncharted since. Maybe one day we will, we’ll see.”

Many believe that, should Naughty Dog return to the Uncharted franchise, it’ll feature a new main character: Nathan Drake’s daughter Cassie, who was introduced during Uncharted 4’s epilogue. Additionally, some think that the series will have Sam Drake, Nathan’s older brother who was also introduced in the fourth game, take the lead role and be joined by Victor “Sully” Sullivan.

Of course, we don’t know what Naughty Dog is going to do next, but if Sony’s Uncharted movie, which is scheduled to come out sometime next year, ends up being a success, we could end up getting another entry in the video game series.

Tom Holland, who is playing Nathan Drake in the film, said that the movie will serve as an origin story, thus making it a prequel to the games. The movie recently resumed production, and it could be released sometime around July of next year.