Much Like Its Namesake Nookazon Aims To Be Central Market For All Things Animal Crossing

Much Like Its Namesake Nookazon Aims To Be Central Market For All Things Animal Crossing
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons already the most profitable of all Animal Crossing entries combined, many players have taken to congregating in online spaces in order to sell goods, services, and even villagers. One of these places is Nookazon, an online website that functions similarly to its namesake, Amazon. As you could probably guess, it’s also named after Tom Nook, the series’ popular tanuki entrepreneur.

Nookazon, although not affiliated with Amazon in any way, shares many of the retail giant’s features. Sign up is free, and once signed up, players can start adding any items they want (excluding fish and insects) as listings. Nookazon also has a report function so that any scammed listees can make sure that the scammer doesn’t get away with any other offenses.

The site also has categories for each kind of item in everything from art to villagers, so you’ll be able to find someone listing almost every item in the game. Players can ask for bells, Nook Miles Tickets, materials, or other villagers as payment for any listing. Typically, the price for different items or villagers will depend on rarity and popularity. For example, a stack of wood may be 10 bells, but the price for Raymond, the most popular villager could exceed millions of bells.

Nookazon also offers other features on their website other than the ability to list items. Recently, the staff behind Nookazon held an online meet-and-greet so that the community could get to know them better. For a little over an hour, the Nookazon staff held a livestream event on YouTube where they answered questions that the Animal Crossing community had for them and even listed their credentials, detailing exactly how they’re able to make Nookazon such a helpful tool.

The most helpful feature on Nookazon’s website, however, is the option to link your Discord account to the website. If someone wants to offer a price, they can simply click on your username and be directed to your Discord DMs, where you can hash out pricing for your listed items.

Also on the Discord server are different channels for trades of certain items, with every tradable item having its own channel. Trading isn’t the only feature, however, as the server features channels for users to simply talk and communicate with each other on a variety of topics. The entire community is full of helpful and friendly members. Check out Nookazon for all your Animal Crossing trading/buying needs.