Minecraft’s StarWars DLC Has Players Feeling Like Anakin, Luke, Or Baby Yoda

Minecraft’s StarWars DLC Has Players Feeling Like Anakin, Luke, Or Baby Yoda
Credit: Minecraft Marketplace

Minecraft‘s popularity has only been rising during this pandemic. This is partly due to the recent Minecraft Live event, which saw the announcement of the Caves and Cliffs Update for Minecraft.

This update has a large number of features planned as additions to the game of Minecraft. While this next feature-rich update has a planned final release in Summer 2021, players have been given a large amount of content through the Minecraft Marketplace.

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One such item from the Minecraft Marketplace is the Jurassic Park DLC, released by Mojang Developers. This DLC focused on adding some familiar faces from Jurassic Park; this includes adding various dinosaurs. These dinosaurs included blue from the newest movie of Jurassic World; players in this DLC can explore various environments with the dinosaurs following close behind.

A more educational Minecraft Marketplace item is called Jig’s Guide: Redstone Basics, which teaches Redstone basic items and concepts with explanations alongside the other items.

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Another DLC available on the Minecraft Marketplace is the Star Wars DLCs; this DLC gives the player a brand new map, a skin pack, a new texture pack, mobs and items reskin, a different UI, and even a fantastic soundtrack that is even licensed.


Even allowing players to fly the various space ships featured throughout the Star Wars movie series.

These features make this DLC closer to the original Minecraft Mash-up, which was available before the Minecraft Marketplace was implemented into the Bedrock edition.

This skin pack allows players to dress up as The Mandolorian, The Child, Rey, Luke, Darth Vader, Han Solo, and many others!

These skins allow players to easily recreate some of their favorite scenes in Minecraft with their friends and possibly make their preferred outcome rather than the outcome they received from the movies or TV shows.

The included map has some of the most iconic locations from the movies, including the Hoth battle scene and Tatooine where the Jawas were. These iconic places include the death star, where Luke and Vader fought down the narrow passageway. All these iconic locations allow players to explore these locations like never before, offering more insight into the world of Star Wars.

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This DLC is currently available on the Minecraft Marketplace for 1,340 MineCoin, and any player looking to spruce up their Minecraft experience should look into this DLC!