Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Update: Goats and Powder Snow Are The Beginning Of The Caves Update!

Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Update: Goats and Powder Snow Are The Beginning Of The Caves Update!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft Live was an event that had a vote for the next Minecraft mob to be chosen by players, and this vote was between three different mobs, the Iceologer, the Glow Squid, and the MooBloom. These mobs all originate from different Minecraft franchises, from Minecraft Earth to Minecraft Dungeons, both of which will be featuring a Halloween update.

This vote ended with the Glow Squid as the winner; this means that players can see the Glow Squid swimming under the water with a future update.

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Minecraft Live is an event that showcased a large variety of changes to Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons; some changes include various DLC and various new additions to these games, which will revolutionize how players complete these games.

Players looking to get a headstart getting used to the new Caves and Cliffs update, Minecraft Bedrock Edition players will get the first sense of the Caves and Cliff’s features been stated.

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In the Bedrock Beta, players can now enjoy the Minecraft Goat and even the Powder Snow. These two features may not be the Netherite addition, but they change how players enjoy the Mountain biome.

Minecraft Goats are jumping and charging throughout the mountains; these goat mobs will feature both an adult and a baby version. The baby version is substantially smaller than the adult versions of the new mob.

Be careful, the Minecraft Goat can charge you and potentially knock you down the mountain; this means that while this mob isn’t hostile. The Goat will attack if provoked by the player or any mountain hiking mob.

This Bedrock beta also adds in the Powder Snow feature; this Powder Snow is substantially different from the currently implemented Minecraft Snow.

This new type of snow is completely different from the currently implemented type of snow in terms of appearance; this means players will need to be careful when walking in the new mountain biomes.

This new type of snow, this new snow, ignores fall damage, and any players will need to be careful when walking on this new type of snow as they can easily sink into this block.

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One interesting fact is that Minecraft players can wear Leather Boots to stop this sinking effect; when leather boots are being worn, players can easily walk on this new type of snow.