The Anti-Gravity Racing Game Pacer Is Out Now

The Anti-Gravity Racing Game Pacer Is Out Now
Credit: PlayStation Europe via YouTube

There have been quite a few competent anti-gravity racing games over the years. Wipeoutis probably one of the more well known of the bunch, but other developers have had success creating their own take on the fun and adrenaline-pumping genre.

One of the more promising in some time is Pacer, an explosive racing game with futuristic crafts and weapons. The game has been in development for a little while now and had thus far shown a lot of potential.

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If you’ve anxiously waited to experience is futuristic settings or non-stop combat racing action, you’re in luck. It’s now out on all platforms. The game has an arcade feel, but there are plenty of racing mechanics to master throughout your time with this game. The interesting blend of both arcade and simulation makes Pacer one of the more unique anti-gravity racers in recent memory.

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You can refine your craft in many ways using Pacer’s garage system. It is here where you can adjust metrics like handling, speed, and defense systems. The various options lets you customize your craft just the way you like it, whether you want to take an offensive approach with weapons or want to weave in and out of the competition.

There are beautiful tracks to look forward to, which is pretty clear in the trailers promoting Pacer up to this point. The tracks’ 4K resolution makes them really stand out and further immerses you in the world of anti-gravity racing.

You can enjoy a career mode where you go from trainee to pro. You’ll build yourself with new resources and crafts after every race. Then when you want to compete with others online, there is a multiplayer mode that includes a wide variety of different modes. These include elimination and time trials, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Pacer has a lot of great elements right out of the gate. Speeding around the competition and blasting them with a perfectly timed attack doesn’t leave much to be desired. It’s everything you want in a futuristic racer. And the fact that Pacer just came out means it can get better with time.

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If you’ve been looking for a different take on the racing genre and want to enjoy hours and hours of non-stop action, Pacer can deliver on many fronts and continue to provide memorable racing excitement. It will leave you hooked early on with its easy-to-pick-up, yet advanced racing systems.