Lilith Odyssey Launches Into Steam Early Access This May

Lilith Odyssey Launches Into Steam Early Access This May
Credit: Lilith Odyssey via Steam

Chaystar Unlimited LLC has announced its upcoming project Lilith Odyssey. The game will first launch in Steam Early Access this Spring.

Lilith Odyssey takes place after the end of The Great Nacho Wars. A corrupt galactic government has absorbed the life and resources from many of the war-weary planets it controls. The player’s family has risked all venture forth into an open world galactic odyssey to find a new land to start over.

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Players can choose and outfit the space sailer of their choice. After the ship is complete, they’ll need to chart a course forward along solar highways. Along the way are dangers such as deadly space storms and raid zones. Players can beam their families to nearby planets, moons, and asteroids to harvest fuel and resources, but it’s dangerous. These planets may not welcome newcomers.

There is plenty to explore along the space highway on a journey to find a new home. The planets have a diverse range of creatures, some essential while others are willing to reach out for exotic trade goods.

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The development team has been working on Lilith Odyssey since 2016. The two-person game is working on polishing the final release but is seeking feedback and suggestions from the community.

Lilith Odyssey is planned to stay in Early Access for at least one year. This time may be shifted depending on the feedback they receive from the community. The developer wants to grow the game and expand it with help from players.

The current version of the game is a complete deprive. Players can jump into space navigation, explore more than one thousand planets, moons, and asteroids, partake in survival elements, upgrade the ship, manage resources, learn the history and lore of other planets, plus enjoy an original soundtrack.

Even more content will be added as the game continues development, so players of the final version will have a bigger game at launch. Suggestions from the community may also be implemented.

The final release of the game will be priced higher. Anyone who purchases Lilith Odyssey during Early Access will receive all of the game updates as it reaches completion.

Players can give feedback through the Steam reviews, social media, Discord, or Reddit forums.

Lilith Odyssey was inspired by nostalgia for Oregon Trail, plus the depth of No Man’s Sky.

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Lilith Odyssey launches on PC via Steam Early Access in May 2021.