Leyline Is A New Nonprofit Platform Helping Gamers Connect With Charitable Causes Worldwide

Leyline Is A New Nonprofit Platform Helping Gamers Connect With Charitable Causes Worldwide
Credit: Leyline via Youtube

Content creators online often hold special gaming events to raise money for various charities. There are many notable causes online, but some creators have trouble connecting with causes. The world is currently facing many challenges, such as the COVID-19 situation, but also poverty, hunger, and climate change, among others.

A former member of Blizzard Entertainment named Jeremy Dela Rosa has decided to create a non-profit platform called Leyline. This new platform is designed to improve the way gaming communities can connect with charitable causes.

Leyline is working to create a digital economy that serves anyone with a. PC or specific mobile device to aid them in contributing to the causes that mean the most to them. At the same time, they can earn prizes like digital items or gift cards. Participants can choose what to support by selecting a category of causes either worldwide or at a local level.

By contributing in a variety of ways, such as idle processing power, volunteering, giving blood, or other eligible ways, participants earn Leyline Marketplace “points.” These points are then redeemed for a variety of rewards that will include in-game items for games. The points and items are tied to a gamer’s account, and the company ensures players it’s secreted in a dedicated blockchain-based wallet.

Leyline currently has over 50 staff members and volunteers who have backgrounds in tech, gaming, politics, and education. The platform has partied with the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing to help create a distributed “supercomputer” used to crunch data and more. The BOINC is currently focusing its effort on a cure for COVID-19.

Leyline is also currently being supported by Leyline is also supported by several industry-leading companies, including Geek Therapeutics, Nodwin Gaming, NZXT, and XIDAX. These companies have donated incentive items for platform contributors and extra staff to assist the platform’s efforts.

Jeremy Dela Rosa, Founder and CEO of Leyline, further commented about the project, stating:

We have always been passionate about trying to make a big positive impact in the world. We realize that everyone wants to contribute to making the world a better place, but it can be needlessly complex. Through Leyline, we want to create an online ecosystem that rewards doing good things in the real world.

Leyline is currently accepting early sign-ups for those who want a head start in joining. The application form is currently available on the platform’s official website.