Wizardry VA Is The Next Installment In Series With Upcoming Worldwide Mobile Launch

Wizardry VA Is The Next Installment In Series With Upcoming Worldwide Mobile Launch
Credit: Wizardry VA-TBD- via YouTube

Drecom recently announced the next title in the Wizardry series called Wizardry VA. The title is tentative for now, but the developer shared some of the gameplay along with a teaser video of the game.

Wizardry VA will be a mobile game for both iOS and Android and launch worldwide. The game is scheduled to be an FPS dungeon crawler with 3D models and environments. From the video, the game will be played in a vertical format, where monsters will appear on the screen. Players choose their party member, who will then attack when it’s their turn.

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Wizardry was initially developed by Sir-Tech, which became a series of RPGs. The first game, Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord, was released in September 1981. The developer’s last game was Wizardry 8 in 2001.

However, there has been one new game in the series, Wizrogue: Labyrinth of Wizardry, that was developed by Taino and was released in December 2014. While the game is no longer available on mobile, players can still purchase the port on Steam.

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Wizrogue: Labyrinth of Wizardry was a “rebirth” of Wizardry as a roguelike game. Players start out with a party of low-ranking heroes and head off into a dungeon. Players have to fight their way to the end. Throughout the levels, players may find coffins that contain other heroes who may be of a higher rank.

As players progress through the levels, they will naturally improve their stats. If players feel that a hero isn’t performing well, they can change out their parties with other characters until they find the best party that matches their playstyle.

Wizrogue was also a first-person RPG with puzzles and challenging gameplay. Players chose dungeons without knowing what lurks within them. Their party may be overpowered by the high-level enemies or make it through without any issues. The reviews are mixed on Steam, but the game is an easily accessible way for players to try out the series now if they’ve never heard of it until today.

Drecom acquired rights to the series in October. At the time, the company announced they planned on developing a new game in the Wizardry series.

The company has also announced they are currently hiring in Japan. The company has various jobs available, such as effect designer, planning, 3D, art design, and more.

The game is still very early in development. The company will release more news, including the official title, later in the future.

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Wizardry VA currently has no planned launch date but will launch worldwide on iOS and Android.