LEC – European Masters Have Partenered With HyperX And Volvic For The League Of Legends Broadcast

LEC – European Masters Have Partenered With HyperX And Volvic For The League Of Legends Broadcast
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

HyperX and Volvic have been named as the newest partners of the biggest non-LEC League of Legends competition, the EU Masters, Riot Games announced today.

With the main event of the tournament set to begin today, Riot has announced the help of brands that will assist in the celebration of the best European teams on the Rift by sponsoring segments that will highlight the bright emerging talent in the region.

“HyperX has been supporting professional gamers for the past 13 years, and we’re thrilled to have them on board for European Masters this summer.” Riot said. Riot also added that “HyperX will sponsor the Big Plays segment.” In this segment, the broadcast will highlight live replays of spectacular outplays and game-defining moments.

Volvic is a brand that may be unfamiliar to non-European residents, but it’s actually the “most popular non-sparkling natural mineral water in Germany, and one of the leading brands of natural mineral water in Europe.” The brand will look to help ensure that the EU Masters players stay hydrated. Volvic is also committed to promoting the “unstoppable” attitude of people, hoping that this inspiration will manifest itself into brilliant plays in and out of the game.

The first day of the EU Masters group stage commences today and will showcase the up-and-coming talent from 12 of the best teams in Europe. All matches will be streamed on the EU Masters Twitch channel. More partnerships have been announced recently.

Riot Games announced that it has signed a multiyear partnership with Spotify, making the worldwide service the official audio streaming partner for League of Legends esports global events.

“Our partnership with Riot Games will create a first-of-its-kind audio universe for the millions of Spotify and League of Legends fans across the globe,” Spotify’s June Sauvaget said. “As the exclusive—and first-ever—global audio service partner for League of Legends Esports, we plan to create the best possible audio streaming experience for our users, making discovering both music and podcasts easier than ever before.”

With this partnership, Spotify and Riot will produce a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Worlds anthem. They will also develop various podcasts, including one called “Untold Stories: Top Moments from Worlds,” which will highlight one story from each year of Worlds.

“Music and story-telling have become an intrinsic part of our sport and game, so we are excited to partner with Spotify to provide our fans with another platform where they can enjoy a new manifestation of League of Legends esports,” Riot’s head of global esports partnerships Naz Aletaha said.

Spotify will also release curated playlists inspired by the League community, and launch a new League Esports Music Hub. Spotify also will serve as the presenting partner of every game five that is played at the World Championship and Mid-Season Invitational.

Currently, League of Legends is available on Spotify with nine seasons of the game’s character and event theme music, as well as the various themes for the World Championship, All-Stars, and MSI.