Schalke04 Continue Miracle Run, Take Down Vitality In Week 8 Of League European Championship Summer Split

Schalke04 Continue Miracle Run, Take Down Vitality In Week 8 Of League European Championship Summer Split
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Schalke 04 have kept their LEC Summer Split playoff hopes alive after obliterating Team Vitality in a 35-minute game.

All of the League of Legends team’s players performed phenomenally  but mid laner Felix “Abbedagge” Braun was on another level with Zoe. He is the only player outside of G2 Esports mid laner Caps to win a game with the champion in the European region.

The early game was going in Schalke’s favor in terms of kills and gold, but Vitality picked up the first two dragons. With the Mountain Dragon spawning as the third drake of the game, Schalke started funneling resources into securing the subsequent dragons.

Their focus on farming early paid off and they were much better prepared for teamfights with better item powerspikes. Vitality tried to comeback in the mid-game by catching out the opposing ADC unguarded, but Schalke replied swiftly and crushed Vitality’s hopes of winning the game.

Schalke have a 65.63-percent chance to lock in playoffs if they go 2-0 this weekend without having to play tiebreakers, according to LolEsportsStats. This has greatly increased compared to their five-percent chance a couple of weeks ago when the team looked hopeless.

For Schalke, this win represents the bright light that is their miracle run to the playoffs. Their last obstacle will be the hardest, however. They will face the first seed MAD Lions during their last match of the Summer Split. S04 went through a lot of drama after ex-ADC stepped down.

Konstantinos-Napoleon “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou has always been one of the most competitive players in the European League of Legends scene. But he decided to step down from Schalke 04’s roster until the team makes some changes to its roster.

“In my seven-year career, I always played to win and be competitive,” FORG1VEN said. “As of now, at least, the current roster doesn’t fit this principle. Schalke is unable/unwilling to make changes to fit this goal, so we mutually agreed that I step down until and if they are willing to do so.” Schalke 04 haven’t had a good start to the Spring Split season back then. The team was winless through three weeks of the 2020 Spring Split and each loss has looked worse than the last. FORG1VEN has the most deaths and least kills of any ADC in the league and he hasn’t had much of an impact in any of their games—granted, his entire team hasn’t been performing too well at all over this stretch.