Faker Starred In A SK Telecom 5GX Commercial With The Son Heung-Min, Striker Of Tottenham

Faker Starred In A SK Telecom 5GX Commercial With The Son Heung-Min, Striker Of Tottenham
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Faker and Son Heung-min, two of the biggest names in South Korean pop culture, were recently featured in a series of SK telecom 5GX commercials promoting the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Cloud Gaming Services, and Xbox Game Pass.

The duo, known for their prowess in their respective sports—League of Legends and soccer—took a step back from their professional lives for a minute to joke around. They can be found in a game store, in a living room, and outside playing with their new 120Hz Samsung phones.

In each of the commercials, T1 mid laner Faker acts shocked and opens his mouth in astonishment, while Tottenham Striker Son grins from ear to ear.

With Faker on the bench ahead of the LCK Summer Split playoffs and Son Heung-min waiting out the Premier League offseason, the international stars clearly have time to kill.

But these aren’t the only commercials that Faker and Son Heung-min have in common. Earlier this year, Faker was featured in a Lotte’s World Cone commercial, promoting his own chocolate, vanilla, and apple-flavored ice cream, while Son Heung-min danced in a bizarre ice cream commercial in 2019, advertising a Super Son Super Cone.

Lotte Confectionary has created a new Faker brand of ice cream.

The company revealed the news a couple of days ago with a great commercial featuring the 23-year-old pro. The video showed off the star mid laner making plays on various champions while holding up the ice cream cone.

Lotte’s World Cone Ice Cream is one of the most popular ice cream brands in Korea. It has an ice cream cone wrapped in individual packaging, making it easy to sell for any store. Faker’s ice cream comes in chocolate, vanilla, and apple flavors.

Esports players are usually treated like celebrities in Korea and Faker is one of the biggest stars the country has ever seen. His multiple championships and general success as a player for T1 would make it easy for Lotte to market his ice cream to fans across the country.

It’s great to see esport players valued so much just as regular sports players. This is great for the future of this branch, ensuring it becomes mainstream, and more outsiders get the feel of what is an esport. And who is better other than Faker for this. Arguably the best League of Legends player in the entire game’s history. He is the best player to advertise to non-League players.