League of Legends World Championship 2019 Group Stage Group A Recap: The Overconfident Samurai

League of Legends World Championship 2019 Group Stage Group A Recap: The Overconfident Samurai
Credit: Riot Games via Youtube

Group A during the draw-in stage after the Play-Ins looked like very stacked, Europe’s 1st seed G2 E-sports, Korea’s 2nd seed Griffin, NA’s 2nd seed Cloud 9 and LMS 3rd seed Hong Kong Attitude.

Standings after first round-robin:

During the first round-robin, G2 Esports looked unbeatable and the community expected them to be the first seed out of groups with a score of 6-0, after finishing the first week with 3-0. Griffin was held to high regard as well but at the same time everyone expected Cloud 9 to make it out of groups as always and here a problem appeared, will the LCK rookies manage to get out of groups during their first worlds run or will cloud 9 have their legacy of getting out of groups demolished?

Hong Kong Attitude, the LMS 3rd seed who qualified via Play-Ins was not seen as a contender to get out of groups and rightfully so, the other teams were too stacked with top-performing players from each region, HKA could not secure a single win even though some of their matches looked quite close.

Griffin managed to show during the second round-robin why they were dominating over two splits, only managing to lose in playoffs to a Worlds Contender, the LCK 1st seed, SK Telekom T1, they showed great gameplay even though their organization is currently targeted by controversy after the former coach came out with details regarding his firing. They managed to defeat G2 twice in a dominant fashion, once to get a shot in the first place in groups and the other one in the tiebreaker.

G2, on the other hand, looked a bit shaky in their games, the LCK’s seed managing to expose some weaknesses in the free roam playstyle which G2 players have, EU fans should be thankful that this reality check happened during group stages and not during quarterfinals where every single mistake once exposed will be exploited quite hardly. After their defeat against Griffin, G2 players acknowledge their mistakes during the interviews and affirmed: “We will focus on removing them so that we are prepared for the quarterfinal opponent, whoever it might be.”

Cloud 9 was eliminated from Worlds in a pretty disappointing fashion, all their games looked weak, their voice communication was disorganized, many fans held them in high regard, but the loss of Jensen to Team Liquid seemed like too big of a factor.

Overall, many fans expected G2 and Griffin to get out of groups based on their local performances and indeed they did, with a small exception regarding G2, everyone was sure they’d be the first seed.s

Tune in at Riot Games YouTube Channel see which teams will come out of the other groups during the following days!