League of Legends, Patch 9.24b: Balance Changes, Highlights, Notes And Rundown By Scairtin

League of Legends, Patch 9.24b: Balance Changes, Highlights, Notes And Rundown By Scairtin
Credit: Riot Games via Youtube

Riot Games decided to deploy a server-side micropatch to hotfix some issues forgotten in patch 9.24, which was released a week ago. For a detailed rundown of the patch notes, visit the link here.

This micropatch is the last patch of the year, with the next patch being released around mid-January when season 10 starts.


Alistar – increased base stats and passive heal. Alistar is currently zoned out from the melee support role by Leona/Nautilus, who performs much better. This small buff will not bring him back.

Aphelios – Calibrum has a less marked damage ratio by 0.1 from 0.4 to 0.3. R bonus attack damage ratio decreased by 0.1 and range decreased by 100. Aphelios is currently overturned and can pentakill with just a simple button press of R due to how unbalanced he is, this will make it easier to dodge the ability, but he is still a big nuisance.

Ezreal – Q ratio increased by 0.1. Ezreal is the safe ADC who excels at the mid-game; this ratio increase will improve his laning phase a bit and hopefully allow him to transition to mid-game better.

Garen – E spin damage increased. Since his rework, he has been challenging to balance. Multiple nerfs to his updated kit have occurred over the last few patches, this should help him out a bit in the top lane.

Gnar – Q damage ratio increased, W base damage increased. Gnar disappeared from the scene after ranged top laners with Kleptomancy took over. With Kleptomancy no longer in the game, this might bring him back.

Graves – E cooldown decreased. Once the king in the jungle, now a suboptimal pick. Graves has been nerfed multiple times, making him less preferred to junglers over Lee Sin/Elise/Rek’sai, etc. This small buff will not change a lot for him.

Heimerdinger – the terror in the bot lane had his W damage and E damage decreased after zoning out most meta ADCs. He has a very safe laning phase, and this nerf will make life a bit easier for opponents.

Shaco – E damage decreased. He has been overperforming over multiple roles both as AD and AP versions. The nerf should make it easier a bit to survive the laning phase against support Shaco.


Infernal Drake – reduced AD & AP received.

Infernal Soul – less DoT damage.

Mountain Drake – increased armor & MR received.

Mountain Soul – reduced shield received.

Ocean Drake – reduced health regen.

Ocean Soul – less health and mana restored.

Elder Dragon duration – from 180 to 150 seconds. Burn damage reduced from 90-270 to 75-225.

The current dragons were way too powerful for how easy it was to take them. The hotfixes to some champions and dragon souls should make the games more enjoyable, especially for the bottom lane where Heirmendinger was terrorizing all ADCs.