Kovaak’s Aim Trainer Updated On Steam, Is Now Titled ‘Kovaak 2.0: The Meta’

Kovaak’s Aim Trainer Updated On Steam, Is Now Titled ‘Kovaak 2.0: The Meta’
Credit: KovaaK via YouTube

The importance of being able to click precisely where you need to cannot be understated in PC gaming.  Whether you’re micromanaging your units in an RTS, or desperately looking to clutch that 1V3 post-plant scenario in Counter-Strike, both accuracy and precision are vital.  For those working on improving that, and thus elevate their game, Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer is a paramount tool for honing your aiming reflex.

Crafted by a Professional Quake veteran by the name of Kovaak, it allowed users to replicate any experiences they needed to, from hit-scan to projectile armaments, engaging bots and targets with completely customizable behavior.  It was simply the greatest tool for PC aim honing available, and Kovaak’s storied reputation served him well in pushing the game.

Who would refuse a cheap tool with limitless customization from one of the original aim-gods?

Hopefully, you’ve picked it up before today and were able to use it; a new patch and team have taken over the popular tool, and it all went down the drain impressively quick.

First, a new team has picked up development for the title, called The Meta.  They have published no prior games on Steam, and it appears that Kovaak himself is still in the development team based on his Twitter.  There have been no prior announcements regarding the title being sold to a new development team.

Now, the patch itself is beyond a nightmare.  Kovaak’s FPS Aim Trainer was a fantastic warm-up while you search for a match, offering fast boot-up times, low usage overhead, and it immediately got you into the action.  Action being whatever you personally set up for weaponry, targets, distance, so on and so forth.  That’s all been kicked to the curb.

Now, when you boot the game, it won’t let you progress until you create a login ID, giving developer The Meta access to your email and birthday.  You also need to input your Epic Games ID, which is a tremendously bold request considering social media is still filled with people that refuse to install the Epic Games Launcher due to their recent actions.

Finally, you can identify which of the two games you wish to train for: Fortnite, or Overwatch.  Rough waters for those that are trying to train up for the internationally acclaimed title Counter-Strike, or Battlefield, Rainbow 6 Siege, Call of DutyPaladinsWRATH: Aeon of RuinHaloDestiny 2, or Rust.  Amusingly, even Quake isn’t an option.  FortniteOverwatch, or find a different trainer.

A far cry from what Kovaak’s Aim Trainer began as, and became popular for.  The fact that they’ve gone from the premier aim-training tool on PC to a data-collection and selling scheme is…outlandish at best.

Those who have opted to offer the game their email and birthday to receive access to the title have found themselves regretting it tremendously, finding the game has gone from an aim-trainer to some bizarre game that more accurately reflects mobile games than a serious and dedicated aim-trainer.

Edit: They’ve updated it again, removing the nasty parts.