New Update: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Now Has Tempered Ruiner Nergigante, Stygian Zinogre And Other Monsters

New Update: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Now Has Tempered Ruiner Nergigante, Stygian Zinogre And Other Monsters
Credit: Capcom USA via YouTube

Capcom just launched the second free title update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which now has the Elder Dragon Tempered Ruiner Nergigante, a new Tundra region for the Guiding zones and Stygian Zinogre.

Further additions include the new Defender weaponry for all 14 weapon classes, also the second entry of Horizon Zero Dan: The Frozen Wilds collaboration journey for PS4 players.

All the details are included below, from the videos of Stygian Zinogre and the new gear from the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration.

New Challenges to Face
The admired Stygian Zinogre initially stormed into Iceborne with its thunderous attacks, and now a more audacious tyrant awaits everyone. However, Stygian Zinogre yokes on dragon elemental instead of lighting this period, so players would have to use their characters Master ranks skills and plan their approach to defeat the torched up beast. Those who defeat this ferocious beast would get a reward like useful materials that help them create new weapons with a terrifying black and red palette.

The new Tundra Region expansion now has the Guiding Lands with a snowy landscape that’s the abode of these cold-blooded monsters such as Viper Tobi-Kadachi and Barioth. Also, as a bonus to the recent inclusions, there are special materials specific to the Tundra Region, which helps weapons reach the maximum level. Also, a tempered Elder Dragon is going to be a challenge for players—which happen to be Tempered Ruiner Nergigante.

New Defender Weapons
For players wanting to make their way through the main story in Monster Hunter: World, a new set of Defender Weapons for all weapon sets are available in the latest update. The weapon can easily be built at the smithy and are upgradable, which are more useful to those playing Monster Hunter: World. Players can now easily go through the World quickly due to the combination of the Hunter Helper feature and the Guardian Armor set. They also get access to the Iceborne content.

More on Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds
On December 12, the second entry of Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wild collaboration hunt for Iceborne will be available from 4pm PT. On that day, players will get the opportunity to craft new themed equipment made after the Shield-Weaver armor in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds and an upgraded Storm-slinger weapon from the previous quest. Players with palico companions are entitled to get designs inspired from Frost-claws, which are beat-skin-like machine present in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.

Finally, Iceborne players would also get opportunities to upgrade their bow to Aloy’s and build a new Felyne Watcher tool, which was first present in Monster Hunter: World, in addition to the Master Rank level status.