It’s A Service Ace! Dry Bowser Comes to Mario Tennis Aces in July This Year

It’s A Service Ace! Dry Bowser Comes to Mario Tennis Aces in July This Year
Credit: Nintendo via Youtube

Big news for Mario Tennis Aces fans worldwide! Nintendo has announced that Dry Bowser will be coming to players this July. Originally appearing in New Super Mario Bros back in 2012, the famous villain becomes playable for everyone in Nintendo’s latest Mario Tennis installment.

Dry Bowser makes use of his impressive size to become an impregnable fortress against all opponents. Dry Bowser uses a defensive style of tennis. Dry Bowser hits an impressive spinning backhand that curves to trick his opponents, which in combination with his spin movement allow him to throw other characters off.

However, don’t think he will only have defensive moves. It would be foolish to underestimate his powerful smash. Introducing a new character allows for a new strategy to combat not only this new play style but also gives players more variety when competing against others.

To acquire Dry Bowser early players enter an online tournament spanning the month of July. Starting today players have the opportunity to earn this beloved version of our favorite villain to the game. However, everyone will have access to Dry Bowser at the beginning of August.

Mario Tennis Aces released last year, Nintendo adds to the relatively positive success of their game by adding new characters. If Dry Bowser is an indication of how Nintendo will introduce new characters, then it adds a competitive element to future tournaments that will lead to more nail-biting matches.

This method not only encourages competitive gaming but will also increase its longevity. This provides players incentive to participate in the tournament in the hopes of gaining a great new character.

If Nintendo continues to expand its already impressive roster, it will become the year of Nintendo. It is already poised to deliver new content to the popular Nintendo Switch console with new games like Fire Emblem, Pokemon, and Super Smash. Nintendo asserts itself even more with this latest addition to the Mario Tennis platform.