Sega And Ace Team Launch SolSeraph On July 10, A New Action Platformer And City Builder In One Game

Sega And Ace Team Launch SolSeraph On July 10, A New Action Platformer And City Builder In One Game
Credit: Sega

Sega teamed up with the developer Ace Team to create a new surprise for gamers. They jointly announced SolSeraph. Ace Team is known for their work on Zeno Clash and Rock of Ages. The game is being called the spiritual successor to ActRaiser and is set to release in only a few days on July 10.

The game is partially a side-scrolling action game and a top-down strategy game. In both modes, players play as the god Helios as he helps humankind from the clouds He expands their territory and comes down to destroy the evil beasts of the Younger Gods. It looks like a wonderful mix of strategy and action.

The main reason that fans are calling it a spiritual success is because of the games music composer Yuzo Koshiro. He wrote the music for the original ActRaiser and the theme for Sol Seraph. This similar music, due to the same composer working on both projects, is what is attracting the ActRaiser fanbase to this new release.

You are Helios, guardian of humanity, and angel for hire. Many are describing it as a retro action platformer where you run, jump and whack things with your sword combined with a top-down colony building game mixed with tower defense. The melding of these many types is part of the appeal as it pushes the game to make you think on multiple levels. You must allocate your time wisely between aiding humanity and defending it.

The game is made using pseudo-3D map effects that look similar to the SNES Mode 7 graphics rendering. The cosmetic appeal alone is a major reason many are waiting for this game release. It feels like going back in time to a different age of games while still maintaining the modern style and control appeal.

The game spans five regions and you, being an angel, fly territory to territory aiding their colonization. As you clear the fogs shrouding the lands and go into the lairs of evil, you can eventually rid the world of the troublesome Younger God for good. The regions act as biomes with distinctly different types of tribes in each land. The Plains of Widhu are located on a vast forested land while the Sekh desert is barren and dry. Moung Angir is full of mountain-dwelling people, Aurunan islands have a more Polynesian feel, and the Vale of Yeg is full of people living in the Ice planes.

The game is set to release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC through Steam, and Xbox One for the price of $14.99.