Horizon Zero Dawn Coming To The PC Is A Major Addition; Could Release Later This Year

Horizon Zero Dawn Coming To The PC Is A Major Addition; Could Release Later This Year
Credit: Guerrilla Games via YouTube

The PlayStation 4 is an amazing console in terms of its exclusive game lineup. It’s a huge reason why so many gamers have steadily transitioned to PlayStation, even if they’ve been a fan of other consoles previously. Every now and then, though, an exclusive PS4 title gets introduced on other platforms.

This is likely happening with Horizon Zero Dawn, the action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. That’s according to a report from Kotaku. The developer and publisher have yet to confirm or deny a PC release, but’s it’s pretty safe to take this report as being factually accurate. It may seem surprising to a lot of people in the industry, but if you dig a little deeper, it makes sense.

You see, PC users have the ability to play Horizon Zero Dawn via the PlayStation Now streaming service. Given that the developer has already gotten PC users accustomed to the idea of playing this game on PC , they might as well offer a true release. Should it come out, you can bet the graphics and gameplay will be enhanced. That’s always what PC users can look forward to when a console game gets ported over.

If you play PC games, Horizon Zero Dawn is an amazing addition worth waiting for. Since releasing in 2017, it has received high praise for its visuals, combat mechanics, and story. If you don’t already know, it centers around a hunter named Aloy in a world that’s been overtaken by machines. Aloy is set on balancing out this chaos and also learning more about herself.

It’s not often that a game features a female as the main protagonist, but when it does happen, it instantly gives the game a unique feel. It’s like what you get when playing the Tomb Raider games with Laura Croft. Aloy is a sympathetic figure and is easy to get behind from the beginning.

Since she is a warrior, she has a bevvy of weapons to use when going toe to toe with these machine titans. These include a spear and ranged weapons. Guerrilla Games really perfected the combat system and the monster variety. Every encounter with one of these machines feels like an epic scene straight from a blockbuster action movie. It can be compared to the battles in the Monster Hunter games, especially the latest installment.

Hopefully, the developer comes out with an official PC release date for this title sooner rather than later.