Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Title Update 3.0 Will Be Available On September 15th

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Title Update 3.0 Will Be Available On September 15th
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Ghost Recon Breakpoint may have had a faulty launch, but Ubisoft Paris has gradually improved upon various elements. Perhaps the most significant was the new immersive mode, which improved many gameplay elements that were lacking at launch.

There have been several other noteworthy improvements, including the addition of AI teammates. They certainly help if you approach the campaign solo. Now these updates individually may not seem like much, but combined, they make Breakpoint a much more serviceable tactical shooter.

The game has more potential yet as Title Update 3.0 is set to release tomorrow (September 15th). According to the developer’s patch notes, there are a lot of noteworthy changes and new content. Starting off is new Red Patriot Adventure content.

It has 10 story missions and plenty of adventure rewards. You’ll try to put a stop to Trey Stone’s attempts to plan terror attacks on U.S. soil. It’s important to note that the first two missions are free. If you want to enjoy the rest of the content, you’ll have to get the Red Patriot Adventure or the year one pass.

New rewards also will be available, including costumes, weapons, and vehicles. They should give players — old and new — plenty of new ways to approach gameplay, particularly the new vehicles and weapons.

If you have enjoyed Breakpoint’s class options thus far, you’re in luck. A new Pathfinder class is being added that is ideal for those that like a diverse approach to taking out enemies. The class can control an Azrael Drone, use white-hot thermal vision, and enjoy longer-lasting ration effects. Overall, the new class seems fully capable of surviving the various elements that Breakpoint will throw its way.

There are even plenty of customization options that players can look forward to regarding vehicles, weapons, costumes, and gear. It’s not as impactful as gameplay, but still an important part of moving Breakpoint forward in the right direction.

If you want the full list of patch notes, you can visit Breakpoint’s official website. There are way more things to cover, but it’s safe to say Breakpoint will play much different when the patch goes live starting on the 15th. If you managed to stick around Breakpoint — seeing it get better and better — then you’re probably stoked about the future of this game.

It may not be the best tactical shooter on the marketplace, but it’s a completely different experience than what was available at launch.