Fire Pro Wrestling World Stardom Part 2 DLC Available Now With 11 Additional Stars

Fire Pro Wrestling World Stardom Part 2 DLC Available Now With 11 Additional Stars
Credit: Fire Pro Wrestling World via Steam

Spike Chunsoft has released the latest content DLC for Fire Pro Wrestling World starring female wrestlers from the World Wonder Ring Stardom promotion. The World Wonder Ring Stardom Collaboration Part 2 is the second collaboration with the game that includes 11 additional stars to use in the ring.

Stardom is Japan’s leading women’s wrestling promo. The precious DLC installment was released in August 2019, but fans hoped to see a larger roster compared to the New Japan Pro-Wrestling collaboration, which included 39 wrestlers.

Stardom Part 2 DLC includes 11 new wrestlers: Saki Kashima (*), Tamu Nakano (*), Saya Iida (*), Bea Priestley, AZM (*), Natsuko Tora (*), Sumire Natsu (*), Konami, Giulia (*), Death Yama-san (*), and Saya Kamitani (*). The wrestlers marked with an asterisk includes their entrance theme song. The DLC also includes the wrestlers’ signature moves, costumes, entrance themes, and voices. As an added bonus, there’s a new Stardom referee with 25 new voice clips.

Steam user Request Maker broke down the new content even further. There are over 1,000 pieces to work with, from new characters, body edit parts, brand-new moves, voice clips, and more. These parts can be used to create custom wrestlers.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is a wrestling simulator game where players can customize every aspect of the match, from the wrestler to the design of the ring. For wrestlers, players can customize their outfits, moves, body parts, and more as they battle for custom championship belts. Players can also download additional content from the Steam Workshop, but these cannot be used in online matches.

The Stardom Part 2 DLC is the latest major content packs in collaboration with a major promo. The last collaboration to be released was the Yoshihiro Takayama Charity DLC Part 2, which contained two custom rings, promo logo, and new wrestler edit parts. All proceeds from this DLC was donated to TAKAYAMANIA, a foundation established to help support Yoshihiro Takayama and his family. The wrestler was severely injured after a major injury in 2017.

Released in the past few weeks was the Custom Parts Craft DLC, which is a significant update for those who want to overhaul their wrestlers. The new DLC is for experienced modders who want more control of how they play and craft the game.

The new collaboration DLC marks some of the last content coming to the game. Besides bug fixes and occasional patches, the last DLC may be the Move Craft Mode coming in late Spring or early Summer.

The World Wonder Ring Stardom Collaboration Part 2 is available now for Fire Pro Wrestling World on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4.