Spike Chunsoft’s Fire Pro Wrestling World Adds Custom Parts Craft DLC

Spike Chunsoft’s Fire Pro Wrestling World Adds Custom Parts Craft DLC
Credit: Fire Pro Wrestling via Steam

Publisher and developer Spike Chunsoft have released new DLC content for their wrestling sim Fire Pro Wrestling World. The Parts Craft DLC gives players the tools to export wrestler parts to edit and share on the Steam Workshop as custom edit parts.

The Custom Parts Craft DLC has a few upfront requirements. Players have to use separate image editing software to edit exported data. Players can download layout templates from the official Fire Pro Wrestling World website. Wrestlers using custom parts can’t be used in online matches but can be uploaded to Steam Workshop for others to play.

The DLC isn’t for casual players. The developer stated that there is a steep learning curve and is similar to developer tools. Players new to editing parts may have a more difficult time with the newest DLC, but they can download custom parts from other players.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is a wrestling game where players can customize everything. Players can create wrestlers, championship belts, and even features in the match. Characters are completely customizable with various movies and other parts that are downloadable and sharable online. This feature is how many players create some of their favorite wrestling stars.

Fire Pro Wrestling World recently got a new update before the new Parts Craft DLC was released. The update included bug fixes and performance improvements and two new moves. They include the performances for “Stand in Place” and “Pop Neck.” Another smaller patch fixed some issues with custom parts and menu lag.

The last DLC was the World Wonder Ring Stardom Collaboration Part 2 that featured 11 new female wrestlers from the Stardom promo.

Some players online have criticized the price of the new DLC, which is the same price as the game on Steam. The DLC is included free for PlayStation 4 Season Pass owners, but not for Steam owners. Spike Chunsoft responded by stating, “Instead of a Season Pass, future DLC will be available via discounted Steam Bundles.” This allows players to choose which DLC they want. The publisher claims this will be cheaper than purchasing a Season Pass on Steam.

The new Parts Craft DLC is available now for all players. Fire Pro Wrestling World is available now on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4.