Netmarble Announces Upcoming The King of Fighters Allstar And WWE Collaboration

Netmarble Announces Upcoming The King of Fighters Allstar And WWE Collaboration
Credit: KoF All Star Brasil via YouTube

Netmarble has announced a new collaboration for its mobile game The King of Fighters All Star. WWE will soon join the fighters in a surprise announcement. Netmarble has slowly released new information regarding the collaboration, including which wrestlers will be available.

WWE superstars will soon face off against The King of Fighters All Star roster. Netmarble released a teaser trailer with the news. More information was later posted on social media.

One of the promotional videos showcases some of WWE’s popular wrestlers, such as The Rock, John Cena, Seth Rollins, and The Undertaker. Another video on Facebook displays gameplay for Kofi Kingston, Becky Lynch, and The Undertaker. The roster shows that three more superstars are planned to be announced, but they’re likely to be The Rock, John Cena, and Seth Rollins from leaked footage.

It’s unknown if the collaboration roster will increase in the future, or is limited to these six superstars. Netmarble will announce more news in the near future.

Along with the news is a teaser website. The “Superstar Intros” will be posted later this week, along with Event information.

The “New Content” is related to the Summon System improvements and newly added Pick Up System. The new content will be implemented in the upcoming update. All previous forms of summons will be consolidated, and chances to obtain Fest Fighters will increase. Acquisition chances are increasing, as well. Players can select a total of five fighters for each element to lock chances to unlock a selected Fighter. Pick Up settings can be modified at will.

More information regarding the collaboration is planned for May 14. The information will be posted on The King of Fighters All Star social media channels and official website.

WWE has canceled in-person events for fans, even though the show goes on. Recently, it was confirmed that WWE 2K21 was canceled by 2K Games and Visual Concepts. Instead of a new WWE 2K game, Saber Interactive is working with the wrestling promo to release WWE 2K Battlegrounds. The game is expected to launch this Fall and will include animated versions of popular wrestlers.

WWE 2K20 also released its last Originals DLC in March. The DLC was a cyberpunk-influenced story called Empire of Tomorrow, focusing on the Kabuki Warriors’ Asuka.

The King of Fighters All Star is available now on the App Store and Play Store.