Enter A Family-Friendly Adventure Platform Title In CATTCH, Now Available On Multiple Platforms

Enter A Family-Friendly Adventure Platform Title In CATTCH, Now Available On Multiple Platforms
Credit: Steam XO

From ChiliDog Interactive comes a unique indie development title created by Infected Pixels Studio. This is a family-friendly adventure/platform title that will take players to high up places in a wacky world. In CATTCH players go on an epic adventure after their world is attacked by evil villains.

This title is expecting a Nintendo Switch launch in 2021’s first quarter with a more specific date still to come. The game is available on other platforms as of now including PlayStationNetwork, Microsoft Store, and Steam.

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Enter CATTCH, a friendly cat with a classy jersey who loves to chill out, watch TV, and relax. Although he does enjoy his free time, he does not hesitate to help his friends when they get into trouble. Follow him on an epic journey across multiple levels as you master dexterity, agility, and keen mental acuity.

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In short, this is an adventure across several enthralling platformer levels with anthropomorphic animal protagonists. Navigate each scenario, survive complicated challenges, and enjoy wacky and creative monsters that can be easily defeated by a clever mind.

There is not much released about this title making information rather slim. Most clues can be gained through the trailer itself which shows a very simple level design made up of colorful blocks. This does give the game a rather repetitive aesthetic but the puzzle design gives a sense of individuality to each gameplay session.

It seems that the goal is to reach your friends somewhere on the map by navigating past, and sometimes through, enemy blocks. The block have teeth so be careful, as this appears to be a land just waiting to eat your new cat friend.

The name of the game and the protagonist, CATTCH, is a reference to the game itself. It seems that you must catch your friends as you make your way through each level using a simple set of abilities and controls. By experimenting and learning new ways to navigate each level the game somehow remains fresh, at least in the trailer.

It is unknown if this title expects to expand with additional DLC, information, or innovations. This title seems rather self-sufficient giving it a simple yet expansive look into the exploration of platforming adventure games of the modern era.

The colors, concept, and characters make this a great title for players of all ages. Although the puzzles may get difficult, this title contains a simple formula that is sure to enchant and delight younger audiences.

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CATTCH is available on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation systems for only $9.99. For more information, take a look at the trailer. The Steam page is empty of information making the trailer the best source there is.