Minecraft Blocks: The Blast Furnance, A Faster Furnance For Your Smelting Needs

Minecraft Blocks: The Blast Furnance, A Faster Furnance For Your Smelting Needs
Credit: OMGcraft Via YouTube

Minecraft blocks can either be decorative or a functional purpose; many blocks can serve both purposes or are specifically designed for a singular purpose. One block that has been designed to serve a few purposes is the Blast Furnace.

The Blast Furnace has two main purposes in Minecraft; the first purpose is to serve as a mid-game update for the standard Minecraft furnace. The standard furnace is an incredibly well-known device for Minecraft players, having built the furnace numerous times.

First Purpose: Upgraded Furnace

The standard Minecraft furnace smelts ores and is incredibly cheap when to be crafting, costing just eight cobblestone blocks around the crafting grid.

The Blast furnace is a significant upgrade to the standard furnace and offers a significantly faster smelting speed allowing players to smelt ore stacks quicker and get to crafting upgrades much quicker when compared to the standard furnace.

The Blast furnace’s recipe is three smooth stones on the bottom row of the crafting grid, a furnace in the centermost crafting grid, and the rest of the crafting grid being populated by iron ingots.

This upgrade does have two significant downsides; the Blast Furnace’s first downside is that it still uses the same amount of fuel per block. This means that smelting a stack of iron ore will cost that same amount of coal/lava.

The second downside is that any ore smelted by the Blast furnace will yield have the experience when compared to the standard Minecraft furnace.

This means players that have always gotten experience levels through mining may want to not craft the Blast furnace due to the halved experience.

Second Purpose: Job Site Block

The Blast furnace also has a secondary purpose for Minecraft; the Blast Furnace also acts as the armorer’s job block. This means a player could use the Blast furnace to change the job of any working villager to level them up in the armorer.

The Blast furnace, if the player didn’t want to craft it, can sometimes be found in the armored house in a village. This means players can save their iron for some new armor or for a Minecraft in your extensive railroad.

Minecrafters who happens to have a lot of ores, but don’t need the experience from smelting these ores, the Blast Furnace is a perfect upgrade for you!